Why I Prefer Clicky for my Analytics than Google


Clicky is an analytics website tool. It helps you track you site visitors. Prior to writing this post I use Google Analytics to analyse my website traffic and visitors behaviour on my site. Clicky  This is not a lets bash Google Analytics post, but I will be doing a comparison of the two. Personally I use Clicky and I think it's way better than Google Analytics.

What Is Analytics?

If you can  Track it, Then you can improve it. As a site owner, it is critical to track of how your site is performing by using some sort of web analytics service.
Clicky Web Analytics
By doing so, you can see how many visitors your site is getting, where they are coming from, and what your most popular content is. And the keyword that the come from.

Having assess to the above stats is crucial in your taking proper decisions that will help you expand and grow your site.

Google analytics is the big name in the industry, and the first that most people gets introduced to including me. Heck, you’re probably using it on your site right now. It’s free and quite powerful.

Google Analytics shows me lots of spam, even after adding spam filters, I don't trust the analytics. And the cumbersomeness with the dashboard just overwhelms me.

Things I Love About Clicky

  1. User Friendly dashboard.The dashboard is uncluttered, yet displays everything I want to see.Contrast this to Google Analytics with its confusing navigation and busy interface. Everytime I log into my GA account I always have a hard time figuring out where to go.When you first login to your Clicky account you are taken to your dashboard which gives you an overview of all the sites in your account. A simple line graph shows your visitor trends over the past month.

    The dashboard is fully customizablclicky-reviews

  2. Data ComparisonFrom the dashboard, you can see the statictics of any of your added site. It shows an overview of your site’s stats. The Visitors graphs shows you how many visitors you had today.But more importantly it compares your today’s visits against a specific time period (today vs yesterday, today vs 7 days ago, etc). It’s a great way to really notice traffic trends for your site. And determine what actions are working for you and those not producing results.data-comparism-clicky
  3. Heat Map                                                                                                                                                   Clicky dashboard shows you the heat map for all your sites. I had this particular website Potent Erection. From my Clicky account I noticed that a substantial amount of traffic (22%) was clicking on a link that was way below the fold. Now this link was something I thought kind of irrelevant in this niche which is why it was so far down the page.  After this findings, I decided to pull the widget up to the top fold and had an increase in commissions from the ad.
  4. Easy To Set Up Tracking                                                                                                                                            No need to install any plugin you just copy the code to your site and you are up and running.

Why You Should Use Clicky Web Analytics

No Footprint
When you install Google Analytics on your site, you need to install a tracking script for it to work. And part of this tracking script includes your GA UA code which is a string in this format: UA-xxxxxxx-x.

Anybody can do a View Page Source from their browser and find out what your GA UA code if you have Google analytics installed.

No bots or referrer spam
One reason I started looking for an alternative the google analytics is the so many refferrer spam. Clicky only gives me the real data.

Real Time Analytics

In addition to standard per-page heatmaps, Clicky also lets you view heatmaps for individual visitor sessions, including segmentation. For example, you can view heatmaps only for visitors who completed a specific goal. Heatmap data is real time.

What Is The Cost?
On signing up with Clicky you get a free 30 day Trail to their Pro account which gives you the chance to try out cool features such as heat maps, track downloads, campaign & goal tracking and email reports.

After the 30 day trial however, unlike most online tools, you can continue with the free account forever (with reduced functionality of course).

There are also three paid options available, the right one for you will depend on the volume of sites you wish to track and the functionality your require. see diagram below for guide.

clicky-web-analytics-reviewWhat you get as Premuim.

Final Thoughts

I know most of you probably have Google Analytics on your site, but I encourage you to check out Clicky to see if you like it. You will find it’s much easier to use and you will gather in all the money you have been leaving on the table.

It’s also free to use if you only have 1 site.

For me, I think investing a little amount for great analytics is well worth it. It’s a service you will be probably looking at every day and you will soon learn to love all the features Clicky offers you.