What really is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0? – Is Nate scam or Legit


I stumbled upon Nate’s website looking at reviews for a product I was interested in to buy online. Then I was introduced to his number 1# recommended product Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0. fast-cash-blueprint-2-0-reviewBecause of the comments, I decided to do a little digging, Nate was presenting his product as better than a product that was priced at $197 per month. I know when it comes to Internet Marketing price doesn’t control quality, but to put down a product valued at $197 per month aroused my interest in Nate Fash Cash Blue Print.

What is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0?

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 is a product created by Nate of source digest, ( he doesn’t go with a last name)

When you buy Fast Cash Blueprint, you will be given an eBook to download. In the ebook there are some blueprint  ideas to earn money as an affiliate marketer.

The whole course is only 18 pages and it starts out with a short discussion of Clickbank and how to choose products to promote from its marketplace.

Then he explains the power of using question and answer sites for driving traffic and this is what he was referring to as the secret traffic source.

Nate recommends you create a Landing Page, on a free blogging platform.

You will find a product on Clickbank in a niche that sells, Nate gives you a list. Then you will create a convincing profile on a Q&A websites eg yahoo. With a fake profile picture, fake job saying you are an expert in that niche and a good description of yourself as an expert.

So if you choose a niche in homeopathy you will pretend to be an expert who has helped many to discover and achieve homeopathic solutions.

Next you will find articles as an answer to a question. Nate shows you how to find the most recent questions so your answer is seen and not displayed at the bottom, he shows you how to get articles that are not copyrighted.

Then the first half of the article is used to answer the question and the full article will be on the Landing page. The idea is to entice people to your landing page so that you can offer them your affiliate product.

Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 Promises


The sales page over shoot, I will believe Nate if I just started out online, but with my years of exeperience I know tha 40 minutes is not the time frame to make money with Nate Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0

fast-cash-blue-print-2-0-reviewIs tempting with the plus the cost at just $15, you might want to run for it. Just like Nate said, you don’t need to build your own website but you will have to create a landing page because QandA sites do not allow affiliate links. In the landing page lesson, Nate uses Blogger.com for the landing pages.

Here’s What I Think about Nate and Fast Cash Blueprint

I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve seen a strategy like this. It’s actually a clever one and there are some aspects of it that I could try and use in my campaigns.

However, I would not recommend it because you’re not really setting yourself up for long term success with this method. Take note that your landing page is on a site that you don’t have full control. Good luck in recovering your account if ever Google suddenly decides that your blog account is just another spam and deletes it.

Also I don’t like to be a QandA site stalker. Everyone is different and if this stuff appeals to you then go ahead and try it out. Although I’d recommend that you build your own site if you really want to implement this strategy.

Remember this: If you want to succeed online, you should definitely build your own site. Anyone who tells you otherwise is only after your money.

What I don’t like? The strategy inside this course is very risky and it’s not ideal if you want to build a real online business.

There are no shortcuts if you want to achieve success online. I recommend that you arm yourself with the proper training and get support from like-minded individuals. Click here for my #1 recommendation

Is Nate Legit or a Scam?

There are some troubling things about Nate and his website that I don’t like.

Nate Is Fake!

If you try and do a Google image search of his photo, you will find that it’s been used by many websites and it’s actually a stock photo from Dreamstime.com.


Fake Comments?

Remember I said earlier that the comments set me out to go do a proper search on this guy. On his sales page when you scroll down, you’re going to see that there are a lot of comments (hundreds for social pressure. haha). One of the comments (that I think is strategically placed) is a photo of a check and the commenter claimed that he got the check by using Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0.

So I tried another image search and found that the photo is actually from a Youtube video from a different course.


In Summary

When I saw the Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0, I quickly thought that it was just another rehashed IM course.

I hate to admit it but it’s actually an informative and useful guide. But like I’ve said earlier, this is not something I would implement or even recommend for any serious marketer.

And what’s up with the fake profile photo and comment?

What’s Next?

I hope this Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 review helped you in any way with your decision.

If you’re really serious in building a real profitable online business, then I would highly recommend that you check out my #1 recommended program.