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Software & Plugins I Use On This Site and Recommend

When I was just starting out with website designing, I spend alot of time searching for how to do this and how to do that, I am exposing everything I use to achieve this beautiful designed website. I have revealed all the resources I use to power my site.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, but I ONLY affiliate myself with products that I actually use myself.


Here are the three tools that are responsible for my page layouts and overall design you see on this site.


In fact, I have their themes in all my website, I also use their Pro Package which grants me access to every existing and new theme they launch. I love how their themes have tons of free plugins, and support.

Illusion Image is animated presentation software that I use for promo videos. You can read my full review on the software here on how it works. It’s a great way to spice up your video content. You can get the software here.


This is the plugin I used for my homepage and this page. It’s great for adding columns side by side. They have templates you can populate and it’s drag and drop. It integrates right inside the Page/Post editor. It also has prebuilt layouts you can adapt to your post or page depending on your needs.

what is camtasia used for

Camtasia is best for capturing computer screen, I use Camtasia to record my training videos that requires me to capture my computer screen. It aids me edit all my videos. I can also edit footages I took with my tablets. It also allows multiple tracks, callouts,voice-overs and much more.

Get Response is an autoresponder service with landing page I use for sales pages. Many of their templates overlay your site’s container. What’s great is you can use one license for multiple sites and the offer free training on eail marketing.


Vimeo is a video hosting platform, similiar to youtube. I use it to host private videos that I have created for paid courses. Vimeo's is a a small, niche community of film enthusiasts. It really is a create tool if you are looking to create online courses.


Below are the different tools I use to create awesome pictures on my website. 


Below are the different tools I use to create awesome pictures on my website. 

I use Fireworks to edit and create most of my images. Fireworks works very well if you are a beginner, the tools are easy to use. And you can export graphics directly to PNG8 alpha+index transparency format with true cross-browser compatibility


Canva is the easiest to use design program in the world, It enables you to become a designer. The good thing is you don't need to download any software you can use it online. There are alot of templates you can use and don't worry there are training materials to help you when you get stuck.

3D Cover Generator

E Cover is a 3D Cover Generator that turns a flat image you create into a 3D eBook cover with a click of a button. You can also use it for other digital products. like CD covers etc


Here are some other tools I use that can make building your website easy.