Tips to get Adsense approval for your website.


When it comes to earning money online, Google Adsense  would be the first thing you should consider. Most people who want to earn money just prefer Google AdSense. There are many people who think it’s really easy to make money with AdSense. It is forgotten that there are many blogs that do not even get an approval from Google to put AdSense ads on their blogs.Incidentally, it is useless to advertise on your website when you have little or no visitors per month. Another common mistake is applying for Google AdSense immediately when a new website and / or blog is created with little or no content atall. This will certainly led to rejection by Google

Steps to take before you apply for AdSense.

Before you go apply for AdSense, it is mandatory that you have read the AdSense standard conditions. These can be found at: . Another document which I really can google-adsense-tips-for-approvalrecommend is: This document explains how best you place ads  on your website. In this post I have taken time to explain exactly how you can get approved by Google to publish AdSense ads on your website!

Make sure you have traffic.

As has already been pointed out, it is useless to apply for AdSense immediately you create a new website and / or blog that has no traffic yet. It is not mandatory that you have to wait about 40 to 90 days before you apply for AdSense. When you find your site has enough traffic, then that is the time to apply for AdSense. The approval takes about three days, but you can still advertise with the same publisher id on multiple blogs and thus increasing your revenue.

Blogger blogs are quickly approved.
Note that before you apply for AdSense is you need unique high quality content on your blog and / or website!

What do you do when you’re even blocked by AdSense?

A common mistake made by most bloggers  who are new to AdSense is click fraud. Google does not allow you to click on your own ads. But what is click fraud exactly? Every time someone clicks on your ad (via your publisher ID) you will receive a small amount. So you earn money when visitors click on your ads. Click fraud is when you’re always going to click on your own ads and / or ask you family and friends to click for you. I highly disapprove these practise. Please don’t do it if you have been approved for AdSense!

If you ever have already been blocked by Google, try to make a new request with a different address, name and number and so on. So change everything except your website and / or blog. If it fails, then it is not possible to get back in the AdSense program.

Content on your blog and / or website

Your website should have unique and high quality content. Google will verify all websites when using multiple websites to place ads, if it is possible that something is not suitable with the standard terms of Adsense it is possible that Google will block you. One of the mandatory requirements is that you must be 18 years or older. Are you not, ask your parents or a family member to register for you.


Are you planning to launch a new website and / or blog and do not know exactly how to get approved by AdSense? Rather than feeling alone, simply leave a comment in the form of a message below and I will reply soon.