The Million Dollar business to do without Start Up Cost


Welcome to the year 2017!, I am sure there is no new year post yet that is why I want to say happy “New Year to You”

It is going to be your year of flourishing! But if you are presently not working or have a good paying business you might have just said a disconneccted amen to my prophecy. But sweet heart I beat my heart and say to you 2017 is a glorious year. When I pray I see the Lord is just standing right at your door to give you the package of goodies he has for you.

New Year Resolution

During the 31st online service, I made a decision to partner with Jesus to promote the gospel to all the corners of the earth. I made a pledge of seven million naira ($20,000) to give for the gospel. To achieve these fit I decided not to close my heart and mind to any business opporturnity. 

I want to encourage you to also adopt same mindset, hear every business through. I have also understood why people do not invest in business opportunities, is because the sellers of good opportunities hoard them or when they talk about it is in vain language the speak. Not  allowing to get the secret of the business.

Hey, you got to trust me on this. If you have a facebook account then this is a business you should do. “What business is that Queen?”

Forever Living Products

Hmmm do not hit the back button just yet, remember our path to try out and hear everything to the end. I have heard of forever living since forever but I never did listen to the opportunities because I was afraid I will not be able to sell the products and also not going to ever be able to convince anyone to join.

Thank God for the year of flourishing, I offered help to one of online friends who asked me if I was doing the business of FLP, No I said.

He sent his bank statement as prove of his earnings in Forever living product. I gave him my response of no way will I join “I don’t like talking to any one about a business and products”.

Nooo! he said, did you talk to me about Donation Hub? They relization of what he meant became clear to me. Just as the word of God says that is “… The angels that brings increase” so I gave him ear and he explained the products and sales plan to me. still in the first month of the year of flourishing, I have seen the very ease possibility of fulfilling my pledge.

Welcome to the Home of Smiles

Forever Living Product is a global business which leverages on the formular of MLM to help you have an everlasting business.


Now I have exposed the business opportunity to you,  And want to muscle it out. I am confident you are going to love working with me on this. And you are interested in starting your own business. Your next question is always, “how much does it cost?”

Th of starting profitable businesses always prove to be a challange for most people that intend to join. but I have goodnews for you today. Forever Living Business is FREE to join.

When you sign up free all you need do is purchase a product worth $100 at 15% discount price and you get 43% suggested retail price profit.  You know the phrase ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’, or ‘you can’t make money without spending money’.  How many new businesses can you start with no investment at all?  I know of very few.

How Early Can I Earn?

If you register in my FLP team, then you can have profit back within the week and the profit is 100% with the joy you get when you help someone overcome a challenge.

What other Benefits do I get for joining FLP?

Don’t hesitate: register as a distributor and join Aloe Vera  products with wholesale price.

  1. NO Registration Fee.
  2. No Monthly Fee.
  3. No Membership Fee.
  4. No obligations to buy.
  5. No obligations what so ever

1. Does the company have a money back guarantee on the products?

-Yes, we have a money back guarantee! You can try the products and if you are not completely satisfied, just return for a full refund, less the shipping cost.

2. Is there a risk or is this company a scam?

-No, Forever Living Products Company has been in business for 35years and operates in over 150 countries all over the world. Over $2.5 billion in sales in 2012.
-No, there is no risk and this company is not a scam. Forever Living is an honest company. There are no hidden costs, no monthly fees, no registration fees, and no fees of any kind.

3. What are the benefits of a registered distributor?

➛ Useful natural products on  whole sale prices
➛ Save money

➛ Make money / you can do this part time or full time
➛ Free company training
➛ More knowledge about the products/business opportunity
➛ Healthy lifestyle
➛ Be successful in life
➛ Be in the wellness industry
➛ Be your own boss by  home based business
➛ Belong to the Forever Living Products family
➛ Be part of an honest company
➛ Find more quality friends
➛ Have a business world wide
➛ Benefit from 10 different ways to make money or just enjoy our products on discount prices!
Are these enough reasons to become a distributor and register right now?

It is up to you! I made my decision, I registered as a independent distributor of Forever Living Products, because I wanted reach 30% discount.

Now I purchasing products the best wholesale price, of course it was best choice because I love products, I use products, I love company, I love helping people to live healthier and earn some money at the same time.You are just a step away, so what are you waiting for?

I’m always willing to help you if you want to start your own business! Have you any question?
Contact me: Queen Obioma (234)-803-7318-928 .