The Complete guide to happy world Mealgate


Frequently Asked Questions On Happy World MealGate

The registeration fee is N6,400 (Six thousand four hundred naira only) But your upline can ask for N6,500. The added 1k will be in payment for logistics to get the pins and starter packs
The Happy World Mealgate starter pack consist of a pack of 500g Milo and a ppack of Maggi or A Pack of 500g Milk and a medium sized tin tomatoes.
When you have 6 direct referals under you, then you are qualified for farm stage which is also known as pre-stage 1 or entry stage.
Yes & No, upon registration you are expected to introduce just six persons only. That is the only referrals you require to benefit. Subsequent stages you need not refer anyone, you only help your team grow. In our team we make up for the insufficiency of others by assigning downlines to them.
No. You only make a one time payment.
Of course you do. Once you register, you only get a welcome pack of A pack of Maggi, with either Goldenmorn, Milo, Milk... So you need all the required downlines in all the stages to benefit.
This programme is being sponsored by 3 reputable companies Dangote group, Nestlé and Pz Cussons.
Your location isn't a barrier. Your goods will be sent to you and you can pay on or before delivery for waybill. Or you can easily get your items from one of our agents in your location. See agent list on link below.
All you have to do is to make payment to the person referring you, who will in turn give you a registration pin and sponsor ID to use..
The benefit is till infinity. ₦6,400 is to small compare to what most people consume in a day.
Upon payment, you will be given a form to fill which includes your gmail/email account. Kindly use the Username and password that you provided so you can log into your account.
No, you only need six direct referrals. To qualify For stage two you need 14 of your downlines direct or in direct to complete the farm stage
No, every stage is unique, in the sense you have a pull drawn from your first sixand their downlines. So any 14 persons in your tree that meets you on any stage moves you to the next stage.