Swiss Golden Gold Rush – full details


Before you run off to part with your money read this first. Don’t call me after you have lost money.

So the big question is “Is Swissgolden a Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

From ages ago we have seen scammers come up with new methods to take money from the pockets of unsuspecting or gulible individuals. In these new season we have seen alot of companies has come up with Gold as a new cover for running a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme in Europe and the United States.

With the likes of Karabatars and now Swissgolden. In my opinion, Swissgolden is a perfect example of this type of scam. With their marketing program, only a small amount of gold is actually sold by Swissgolden. The vast majority of the money is made by people investing in their Pyramid/Ponzi scheme marketing program and not in gold.

Even with the highest quality “product”, it does not matter in this type of scam. If recruitment is the focus and not product sales, you are promoting a scam. Even a “product” as pure as gold will not change that.

Swissgolden Scam Claims

  • Swissgolden gives you the possibility to build a very lucrative business.
  • Gold is a unique product that never depreciates!
  • Double your money in a month with no risk!

Who runs the show at Swiss Golden

Swissgolden was incorporated on June 14, 2012 in the British Virgin Islands (a known tax-haven).

EC2V 7RS, 88 Wood Street
London, United Kingdom
Phone :  +442081445999

Swissgolden and EmGoldex use similar marketing programs. The Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin on OCTOBER 22, 2014, filed civil fraud charges against EmGoldex Team USA, Inc.. – Source

Here is a video that demonstrates how similar the marketing programs of Swissgolden and EmGoldex are.

The SwissGolden Compensation Plan- How Does it Work?

Join the SwissGolden Marketing Program and you can get compensated for selling gold to other people.

How You Get Compensated

Sell enough gold, and your own gold purchases are financed through commissions. Nope, you don’t get straight cash. Maybe this is a good time to mention that you can sell back your gold to SwissGolden at any time.

The Verdict

You have to sell a lot of gold to start earning commissions, so unless you’re prepared to “think big” on this, it may not be for you. In other words, unless you’ve dipped your toe in the MLM world before, this is not the place you want to be cutting your teeth.

What SwissGolden has achieved

In Nigeria, Swiss Golden has produced many millionaires. You may ask how do they people get there? The get there by team work. If you sail alone you might get frustrated and get scammed or feel scammed.

Join the winning Team Producing Millionaires on a daily basis

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What Do You Require To Register
Swissgolden proposes various options:

– The online purchase of bullion Gold Investment through its virtual store.
– Buying gold through its voucher program broadcast by Network Marketing.
– The purchase of investment gold (marketing tables) through its Leadership program.

To start register via the referral link, fill in the various elements and agree to the terms of the contract. Then you will absolutely confirm your sponsor to be in a team.

Make a single payment of 220, 720, 1050, 2800 or 9850 euros to access a table an investment. Start working with the help of your sponsor by sponsoring 2 people minimum.

For an investment of 220 euros the result is 800 euros.
For an investment of € 720 the result is 2800 euros.
More investment, the greater the gains are higher with a minimum of 2 sponsorship to hit the earnings of each investment tables.

Keep in mind that gold investment is not lost you can completely control the gold or leave the safe in their trunk.
New Swissgolden Presentation : To register.
Earnings can be withdrawn by bank transfer and Mastercard credit card has recently become available for withdrawals safely and quickly. For more info call Biyi Green 08034207146

The Product Features

Product Features:

– Of 24k Gold bullion Investment
– A purity of 999.9 mil.
– A weight of 1 to 100 grams.
– Six companies producing Gold