Should I Pay for Stephanie Obi Manual?


Do I need to invest thousands of cash to buy a manual?

I have known Stephanie Obi since she was doing Ankara accessories. I love Stephanie Obi believe me but paying Ninety four thousand, five hundred naira ($300) is a rip off. To be successful online you need more than a couple of videos from a self acclaimed champion. I come back to the price issue the cost is too much and on this note I mark it as do not buy. If you are serious about creating a brand online and succeeding in running your online business then I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate   . This is where should to put your hard earned money the training is free to join and you get a well comprehensive training from Kyle and Carson and other successful internet entrepreneurs.

What Does Stephanie Obi Manual offers?

  • Your Message
  • Your Audience
  • Your Goals
  • Your Website Functionalities, Naming and Techy jargons explained

As far as I’m concerned these are things you can glean from the internet, you actual don’t have to go far just read this my post on Niche website ideas you will understand what I mean. Also in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate you get this training free. And is from experts. In addition for you to build a successful online business you have to own a website. Stephanie Package just talks the talk but the techy stuff you still need technological skills.

At Wealthy Affiliate you are given two free website to begin your business coupled with the video training and one on one training with Kyle and Carson. You can begin now just type in your domain name in the box below and boom you are in the number one online free university and getting free training . Apart from having a website there are core things you need, Traffic, and a good understanding of  Search Engine Optimazation gives you that and at wealthy affiliate you get all the training and help.


What is Stephanie Business Model

Stephanie Obi, Sells information, I’m not a huge fan of selling information without  giving anything out first. If you check in any of my website or youtube channel you will see a list of training all for free. But if information should be sold it should be done with a buyer in mind. Most infoprenuers advise you just recycle the crab, and it keeps cycling around and no need is meet.

Lack of personal attention/community
The biggest thing right off the bat was that there was no personal attention from either the “teacher assistants” or from other classmates. Why not set up masterminding groups or implementing a forum? Though Stephanie has a facebook group but is nothing like a community of people of like minds helping each other.  Why not have regular check-ins once every two weeks with an appointed advisor? How do I know I’m on track? The course shouldn’t just be about finding that online course to package, but also about building successful entrepreneurial habits. In entrepreneurship (which this course is partly about), a communal exchange of ideas is paramount. In fact, in one of the modules you specifically call out your “brain trust” group and how integral they were in your success.
Overall, I feel like you’re setting people up to fail if you don’t guide them outside of the classes. People need someone/something to keep them in check, hold them accountable, and make sure they don’t run off on any strange idea tangents – that’s just human nature. That’s why college courses rarely have the final be 100% of the grade, and in those that do, the students generally perform worse.

Conclusion: Is Stephanie’s course Right For You?

If you made it this far you should have a pretty good idea of what my thoughts are on Stephanie’s course, but perhaps I should just say a few more things because I don’t want it to seem like this is just a bash Stephanie post, because it’s not.

Firstly, I’ve really enjoyed Stephanie’s content I’m on her email list,  because I think, all and all, she posts some solid stuff. I also appreciate it that we have women going thru the rough waters of online business.

I also want to see genuine testimonials about people she has helped to be successful. I am sure she has made some sales, So, there are a lot of people who have gotten a lot out of the course.

That said, my honest opinion is that the course is not worth the price tag, and that there is more quality information out there, for free (and paid), on the web – if you have the right information.

And another drawback is is all paid for there’s no tasting the pudding to be sure it suits your needs,  and no money back guarantee.

Lastly, if you want to know start an online business trained by experts for free then I encourage you to go here. If you are in Nigeria and you want a successful business then you should join a community of well over 800,000 experts for free here.


Kindly leave your comments below, I hope I have been able to help you make an informed buying decision?

Thank you for reading.