Where does one paste ‘the code’ to join google adsense


Google Adsense is an internet advertising agency, owned by Google. The service allows webmasters the ability to monetize their website by displaying relevant ads on their website. The possible ad formats include banners, text links and search windows. The webmaster always receives a sum of money (a few cents to

Growollet – Scam Ponzi or Genuine?


Growollet, one of the typical whatsaapp cum telegram glorified scam sites. Helping people to become poorer in this reccession period. I got an sms it read be your own boss! receive up 200,000 naira and above monthly. And smile to the bank. I was so excited, I clicked the link and

MMM the Universally Accepted Scam Word


As I woke up today, just going through my orders in my mail box, there was this mail from Myannar, "ORIGINAL SERGEY MAVRODI MMM GLOBAL IS BACK ✔ launched on January 18, 2017 and open for registration of all international participants just with one condition - Provide Help by Bitcoins If you live in a country

Betathrift.com – Why you should not Join


Betathrift or better thief my position is simple, it is a scam. Since the fall of MMM Nigeria, Nigerians have all been clamouring for where to put there money into. Taking everything that looks and seems like MMM serious. But withrecent happenings, with people losing money here and there more people

Digital Marketing

Hi, I've am sharing my traffic strategy... Basically, I uses Facebook ads to promote my product BEFORE it's launched and also, during the launch. Very clever. But if you're interested in learning about product launches, then you should watch this training first: Note that with the current, known as Timeline / Timeline page layout is the

When You don’t Need Adsense On your Website


If you surf around the Internet you come to many websites advertising against. In many forms. Have you ever considered to (have) on your website ads? Sometimes that's interesting and sometimes not. In this article we will show some more light on it. To determine if it is necessary for you to

Women are Natural Leaders


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