My Liberty Family Is Scam?


Having heard of My liberty family, then is necessary you read this before you join. Do not go blind into the business, learn the secret of how it works.

Name: My Liberty Familymy-liberty-family
Overall Ranking: 5 out of 10
Starting Fee: N26,000.00

Owners: Mr. Francis Ben Adesokan and others

What is Liberty Family?

My Liberty Family™ is a real but virtual family established by a Nigerian firm; Multi Liberty Multi Services Limited to improve social well being of all family members irrespective of their race, religion, location, gender and status.  The idea of the founders is to boost wealth creation opportunities  to its participants.

Join Here go to on registeration mode chose with Referal and put 1484641184 as refers Family ID

My Liberty Family was born out of the concern and care to help Nigerians find the financial assistance they need to do the business they want to do and create job opportunities for many others.

My Liberty Family takes the system of Family or Ajo (Asusu) that provides crowdfunding to its family members, with the only idea of helping people get money to grow the business irrespective of the family or social standing.

How it Works

The system is INDISCRIMINATING meaning that it does NOT recognize the founders of the organization. It treats every member equally under the same condition. Registration is NOT the end. It is a mean to the end. It is at the point of payment the system assigns your Family ID to a Family Tree and you get to know your virtual MLF Lineage to benefit from you. The system treats on FIRST TO PAY, FIRST TO SERVE BASIS meaning that someone that used your Family ID can be assigned to a Family Tree before you and time out before you though you WILL still receive incentive on him. The System recognizes you with your Family Code and NOT your name and treats each ID distinctly. This means, those that use your Family ID to join MLF can be assigned to anywhere in the system but not necessarily under you or your Family Tree. Payment is what activates your Famiy ID and moves you from the POOL to a Family Tree. It is to your advantage that you have a lot of people in the pool that used your code. Whenever they make payment, the system will place them on available Trees and you start receiving financial incentives on them going forward.


How MLF Benefits You.

Watch the video on the Launch by the Chairman of my liberty family.


  1.  There are 3 ways to Join My Liberty Family. At the time of writting this post the other two have not been revealed . The first is the MLF Jacob Tree.
  2.  There are 2 things required from you to benefit immensely as a member:                                                  a. You MUST join with N25,000                                       b. You MAY choose to introduce 3 people within 2 weeks after you paid your own 25k or you may choose NOT to introduce anyone but you MUST join with N25,000.                                                                             If you choose to introduce 3 people who will use your family ID to register, you will end up receiving close to N10 million (9,837,000 to be precise)                                                                                                                                     If you choose NOT to introduce anyone, you will also end up receiving up to exactly N5 million.
  3.  Anyone that you introduce, if that person chooses to introduce 3 people, you will receive additional N1.4 million to add to your N10 million or N5 million.
  4. If you introduce someone who will not introduce anyone, you will receive additional 700k to your own money. There is NO limit to the number of people you can introduce or use your family ID. You yourself can register yourself MANY TIMES. There is no rule against that.
  5.  If you are a N10 million member, more than 3,000 members will pay N3,000 directly into YOUR bank account. This could happen within 5 months or 1 year.
  6. Once this is up to N9.837 million, the system will remove you from receiving more money except for the more people you introduced. You will keep receiving additional money on them until what you are supposed to get on each one is complete.
  7.  If you are a N5 million member, more than 3,000 members will pay about N1,530 into YOUR bank account. This also could happen within 5 months or 1 year but you will receive it in total.

 Who Can Join MLF

Anyone can join MLF, so long as you want financial freedom. My liberty family is for Nigerians only who has a Nigerian bank account.

My Liberty Family only requires you to tell them what business you plan to do when you join MLF family tree.

MLF Goal

“The essence of our helping you to get the money that you need is because we believe if you have money, you can do the business that will produce more money for you and make you an employer of labour. “…MLF Team

How You Get Financially Supported By Other Family Members*

The placement system in the Family Tree treats on first to pay, first to be placed basis.

If you are a “N10 million Qualified Member” (Option 2), your Family ID is programmed to receive N3,000 from over 3,000 members to make N9,837,000 for you and then your code is deactivated from the system to avoid further income and allow others to benefit.

Remember, little drops of N3,000 will make an ocean of nearly N10 million for you in no time that will amaze you. This can be N3,000 in multiple times in a day.

If you are a “N5 million Qualified Member” (Option 1), you are programmed to receive N1,530 from over 3,000 members each but your first 31 credit alerts from 31 Family Members, the system splits the N3,000 into two and you will receive N1,000 in 31 times after which from the 32nd credit alert, you will begin to receive N1,530 until it sums up to N5 million for you and then your Family ID is deactivated to disallow you from further financial support.

If you are a “N10 million potential member” meaning that you chose option 2 but you are not yet qualified until 3 persons use your code to join the family tree, remember, you have 2 weeks to fulfill your 3 persons obligation from the day you make payment and placed in the Family Tree system.

Within this first 2 weeks, the system regards and treats you as a N5 million family member. The first 31 credit alerts that should come to you will be split into 2 as well and you will receive N1,000 x 31 times which could happen in a single day or one week. Whenever you fulfill the 3 persons obligation within the 2 weeks period, the sum of N2,000 will be multiplied by the number of times and you will be paid the lump sum plus additional incentive of N5,000 for introducing 3 people to qualify for the option 2.

How to Make Payment in to belong to a family tree

After Payment you are advised to update your profile.
Watch the Video below for Guide

Pros of My Liberty Family

  1.  It is a one time financial obligation of ₦25,000 from you.
  2.  You will keep receiving support from other family members even after you have forgotten about it. Your incentive can be up to ₦300,000 in a month.
  3. Depending on which option you choose, the minimum you can be in line for is about ₦5 million. This can be within 7 months of your existence in the family. It could be earlier or a little later. There’s no way you will not receive anything because other family members too have obligation to support you.You may ask how is this possible? The best way to understand it is to see it as a family or social structure where every member contributes certain amount to other members thereby empowering themselves financially.
  4. You can have multiple accounts so long as is with same datas, the family ID is the only unique thing per account.
  5. After you time out ie circle out you can come back to register for a fresh account there’s no limitation.
  6. You don’t have to introduce anyone to benefit.
  7. It is a duly registered company in Nigeria
  8. The company has a physical address in Nigeria.
  9. The directors are mostly Pastors with over 5000 member strength in their congregations.
  10. There’s open communications between the owners and users.

How to Join My Liberty Family

  1. Go to
  4. Phone Number (GSM Number)
  5. PASSWORD: Create an easy to remember (6 digits minimum) password for your account.
  7. CHOOSE AN INTENDED AREA OF BUSINESS INTEREST (an important piece of information to us. Please specify what kind of Jobs creation business you intend to invest the financial support you receive on.)
  8. BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS. (This could be a savings account or current account and as in your email and phone number, your bank account can be used for multiple registrations.)
  9. Select A Referral Option.
  10. INSERT REFERRAL FAMILY ID.                                                                                                                                      This is the referral code of the person that invited you to join My Liberty Family. that is if who is introducing you to MLF,  put my family ID 1484641184 as your referral ID.
  11. CHOOSE A MEMBERSHIP OPTION.                                                                                                                                      I always advice you choose the option 2 which matures at N10m and you only have to introduce three people from the time of registering and payment to qualify.                                                                                                   (Please note, a chosen option can not be reversed once you are assigned to a Family Tree upon payment confirmation. You can register yourself multiple times on it.)


14. CLICK ON FINISH OR SUBMIT.                                                                                                                                                      Your 10 digits LIBERTY FAMILY ID will be displayed on top of the screen and a welcome email sent to your email box. IF YOU USE IPAD TO REGISTER, THE ID MAY NOT BE VISIBLE SO PLEASE HIGHLIGHT WHERE THE FAMILY ID SHOULD BE AND SELECT COPY. IT WILL COPY OUT YOUR ID.

Please save your Family ID number. That is your username for your account and your referral code to give to as many people to use.



What are the Risks Involved in MLF? my-liberty-family

MLF says There are NO risks involved, which is different from the norm we see in most online businesses that warn you about the impeding danger before you invest. This only spells one thing that the handlers has done their maths well and can stake their dignity that your money must yield what they promise.

I think your N25,000.00 you pay is a risk worth taking, if you are going with MLF

The product MLF has is the membership, you earn money by referring people to the program.

The contribution is made directly to the individual members bank account through the Family Foundation website. What the Family foundation does is to ensure the smooth running of the system and that there are no defaults from anyone. Upon registeration , you are prompted to pay your N25k to support your virtual members.

The help you give is N3,000×7 =N21,000 then The balance N4000 goes to MLF Admin

See Full Proof that it works

My Unique take on the matter

I don’t understand the miracle of N25,000 to N5m in one year without service. But I have great respect for the Directors so I’m following blinding and sure that what ever plan they have it will work.


Thank you for reading, Remember to share with your friends and leave your comments below on what you think about My Liberty Family.