MMM the Universally Accepted Scam Word


As I woke up today, just going through my orders in my mail box, there was this mail from Myannar,

✔ launched on January 18, 2017
and open for registration of all international participants just
with one condition – Provide Help by Bitcoins
If you live in a country where there is no local branch of MMM,
the first recommendation for you would be participation in the MMM Myanmar,
the branch with international status and opened for participants from around the world.
⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ Free registration Now
✔ Interest rates:
100% per month
✔ Registration bonus:
If the PH-amount from $ 50 to $ 500 $20 registration bonus
If the PH-amount from $ 500 to $ 2999 $50 registration bonus
If the PH-amount in excess of $ 3000 $100 registration bonus
✔ Referral Bonus: 10%
✔ Leader bonus: 5% from the first line, 3% from the second line and so on in all depth of your structure
✔ Bitcoin-bonus:
Providing Help by Bitcoins you get an extra bonus of 3% of the contribution.
➣ 30% to 50% per month no task
👉🏻100% per month with the task
➣ One ip one id
➣ New email
➣ New mobile number
➣ New bitcoin address
➣ Referral Bonus 10%
➣ Bonus Manager 5%
➣ BTC Bonus 3%
➣ Release date 15 days
➣ Without assignment
➣ Without Recruit member
➣ No make VPN

Please my people I heard for us to release or money in the mmm Nigeria system, we need to provide a help then little by little our money go dey come back. Please my money is hanging there, if you will help me, just say the truth, have you received anything after putting for 2017?

If you have what percentage was released?

Please brethren, do not fall for this scam. You cannot beat these scammers at their game. They will always win.

My nickname for them is “Help me to Scam you”.

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