Loopers Club – What You Should Know.


The advent of MMM into Nigeria, has made ponzi schemes, acceptable even to the naturally cautious civil servants. Or should I but the blame on the economic condition in the society? Which ever it is, There’s a high rise in ponzi schemes. The latest or somewhat latest been Loopers Club.

This model of business has no sustainability, but then it does, if it is managed by well meaning  individuals who are not out to scam people. Look at it this way, the old school Ajor (contribution) women in the market do, where a whole group joins and contributes to a particular person, she uses it, makes increase in business and comes back the next month to support others. at the end of twelve months all those women has achieved diferent financial goals as the desired.

Why Loopers Club and other ponzi’ leave alot of people devastated when the can’t sustain themselves is because both the operators and participants have short term in mind.  HIT AND RUN

So having been warned of the risk, and modal of business looppers club run, you should be able to make decision now if you should continue with it or stop at your track.

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So How Does Loopers Club Work?

Loopers club is a platform Connecting People to exchange and create wealth, you get 100% (x2) of your Investments minimum of 5 mins and maximum of 14 days.

Is all peer to peer. that is you deposit into a users account number, the recipient confirms your payment and you are eligible to receive payment in the double of what you disbursed.

When you Join, you will need to donate the sum of either N5000, N10000, N20000, N50000 or N100000 to a fellow member assigned by the system or your direct link, and the member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount each, into your bank account, making 100% (i.e. 100% of N5000 is N10000, 100% of N10000 is N20000 100% of N20000 is N40000 and 100% of N50000 is N100000).

What are their Packages?



 Should I Invest?


because of these loopers-scam


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if you have noticed discrepancy in the platform please share in the comment box. No one should lose money to an already sunked boat.