Is Pork Unhealthy Meat?


Every time I ate pork I had a pimper somewhere and I thought it came through the meat.That along with the ancient story that pork was the most unclean meat made me a kind of anti-pork supporter.

Today I am writting an article about pork, and whether you should avoid this.

I have received several e-mails, on the subject of if pork is safe to eat. Why should it be in the Bible and Qur’an that you should not eat it?

The truth is, however, that pork is one of the cleanest and healthy meat types that you can eat. No one farm with cattle is a place where it is very clean, animals are animals, so I always advise you on organic, local farmers etc. You know that. But having said that pork is absolutely no “unclean” meat.

I have to confess something. Until Three years ago, until I started with Paleo, I ate no pork. I thought I got pimples of it.


Some history. The myth that pork is unhealthy has begun in Egypt. The Egyptians worshiped the pigs. They offered pigs to the mysterious Osiris god, which would affect life and death. After a number of generations, pigs were associated with life and death, and you do not have to wonder what the Egyptians were going to focus on. After a few years, pigs were just terrifying for humans, and the myth that pork was not good for you was born.


Meat is tissue, and it does not matter whether it’s beef, a cow, a chicken, or some cultures,pork-meat a rat meat. However, there are some slight genetic differences in the DNA between us as humans and pigs. I am glad to be human 😉

But flesh is flesh.

And if you do not buy organic meat ever before, pork does not pose a greater risk to your health than beef or any meat .

If you buy organic then meat of grass-fed animals is the best. A pig also eats grass, but the reality is that pigs eat everything, and in the Nigeria it is likely that everything will get and that is why the meat would be “less good”. The feeding of a pig is quite important for the quality of the meat and the fat. If the feed contains little corn and soy, most fatty acids are monounsaturated and saturated fats – as it should be.

I enjoy my bacon almost daily. My rule of thumb is that I try as much as possible to get it as clean as possible to our ever increasing customers.

Having said that, I would like to remind you of some things I notice when buying meat.Meat in general, not just pork.

1. Meat products

Always try the fresh bacon, or the fresh meat instead of the meat products. There is a lot of nitrite in it (this is added to preserve the color and make it last longer). Nitrite is found in almost all cold meats, sausages, hot dogs, bbq meat etc. And as soon as the meat is baked, this nitrite binds to the natural amines which results in nitrous groups 1 where you can get cancer. Especially dangerous for children.

2. Ground meat

Minced meat or minced meat is usually a juicy meat of hundreds of carcasses. The process of chopping also has health risks and contagion hazards. From my own experience, I know that this is not fun . The problem with ground meat is often that the non-sterile exterior of the carcass is often ground with the “safe” inside of the carcass.

If you buy meat, always make sure it’s organic or freshly grind for you at the butcher’s place.

3. Organic

Keep away from the meat filled with antibiotics and growth hormone . The animals that produce this meat are raised in filthy, non-human environments. Besides that it’s just not fun how the animals are treated in these farms, the meat is also of poor quality.

What’s on your menu for tonight?

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