Since 1987 I've Been Successfully Importing Products From China & The Rest of The World. Put My Decades of Experience To Work For You As I Make The Entire Process As Simple AS Possible.

Over 1,000 successfull business people are using our guide to boost their income.

  • Sourcing direct with real manufacturers
  • When to avoid Alibaba and how to use it correctly
  • How to use other people’s expertise
  • How I turned a $3,000 shipment into $21,000
  • How to start small and still get volume discounts
  • Avoiding drop-shippers and wholesalers
  • Minimizing your risks
  • Avoiding haggling and still get the best price
  • And much, MUCH more…

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of trained import experts.

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Well, I am just floored by the amount of content (and the bluntness) in your book. I’ve read hundreds of business based books by now, but I have never come across something so clear and to the point. And so much relevance — no fluff whatsoever. I’m so used to having to dig through filler-pages to discern the wisdom of most books and manuals that this has truly been a refreshing treat. I have absolutely nothing to compare it to because I have never read anything like it before.”


“Hi Walter,
Terrific book! I’m very impressed and like the no-nonsense style. Direct, straight to the point and no dribble! Just the way I like it.”

- D.W.

Very informative, I have been importing since 2001, but your book opened my eyes to areas I was losing money.

Now I am the creator of wealth and Time to Enjoy it.


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This book is Full of valuable information including:


Deciding which products to import. Why the size of the product can be important.

Multiple Locations

Locate items in places other than China at even better prices or better quality for the same price.

Your Main Benefit

How to avoid the many product sourcing web portals that appear safe because they have thousands of suppliers listed, but are hazardous to your financial well-being. Get safe access to reliable suppliers by using the very few safe sourcing web portals that I recommend.

More Benefits That You'll Need

  • You'll never need to see the product.
  • How to avoid the many product sourcing web portals that appear safe because they have thousands of suppliers listed, but are hazardous to your financial well-being. Get safe access to reliable suppliers by using the very few safe sourcing web portals that I recommend.
  • How to buy small amounts at factory prices to try out importing on a small scale. In fact this is what I recommend even if you plan on importing large quantities.
  • In just 133 pages learn how very easy importing can be. Why buy a complicated course or a big eBook that will take you many hours or days to study? 133 pages is enough, especially when you have my ongoing help.
  • How to avoid having to learn all the rules and regulations. Use other people’s expertise.
  • You will learn to recognize and avoid the widespread misinformation circulating on the web, including the risky sourcing practices often recommended on internet marketing forums.
  • How easy it is to import and how to minimize your risks.
  • Customs clearance can be a nightmare but you will find it a piece of cake if you follow my advice.
  • A ridiculously simple trick of the trade to make sure that you get the best prices.
  • I explain that avoiding haggling is an important trick of the trade.
  • How to avoid freight rip-offs that could potentially bankrupt you is another trick of the trade.
  • Gain direct access to genuine manufacturers rather than dealing with unreliable agents.
  • Identity of a trade organization that only the “big boys” know about but which is a valuable contact point to help you find reputable manufacturers.
  • Avoid these two big risks when obtaining samples.
  • Licenses – do you need them?
  • Discover the huge profit margins being made by importers. I have sold for $21,000 1,000 items that cost me $3,000 landed. $18,000 profit on one simple order! One importer whom I taught wrote me: “It’s nice to make that occasional $50,000 profit for half a day’s work.”

“Hi Walter,
I have just gone through your book and I really enjoyed it. There seems to be a path to this model that can lead to a real lucrative business. Thanks again for the help.”

Thank you for your reply. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to contact someone who understands the ins and outs of this business. Like I said earlier, there is not much credible information out there on importing.”

Money Back Guareented, free support available

Buy The Import Direct From China eBook Now Only N5000 or $20

Hey Walter, I ended up picking up your ebook a few days ago and finished it within the day. There is loads of valuable logistical information in there that will save me a ton of headaches, especially later on in the process.

The resources you posted are also invaluable - you were not kidding when you said you would provide a wealth of resources for sourcing from countries other than China. For anyone reading this who is contemplating buying it solely for the list of resources (this is only a fraction of the value Walter provides, but was the main reason I made the purchase), I highly suggest taking the plunge.

The few hours and small change I spent on the book has already led me to more progress than I had made from scouring Alibaba for hours on end looking for a product from a trustworthy supplier that wasn't already on the market.

Thanks Walter!

    More Testimonals

I bought the book a few days ago. It made me realize that I've been wasting my time contacting wholesalers rather than manufacturers. I also didn't have much idea about what needed to happen if I made a purchase from the supplier. It has a good checklist to avoid some pitfalls.

It's only $100, not much if you're going to buy some products really. If $100 is a barrier to getting into business then you're going to have trouble making any real money.

I just finished your book and WOW a lot of golden nuggets in there. It is like a treasure chest of knowledge and tricks of the trade for importing.
It was worth the money, in the long run it will save readers a load of money. What is 97 some dollars in comparison to thousands of dollars.
It may not be a 300 page book but that is because there are no stories and all that.


If you aren’t entirely satisfied with your purchase please call, or drop us an email and we’ll quickly issue a no questions asked refund of your entire purchase amount. Take your time, check it out, and more importantly put this powerful information to work for you.

Hey Walter Hay,

I just bought your book as I just reached a obstacle and felt that your book would benefit me and it has.... your book is GOLD.




You literally just saved me 280USD. So I was about to place a sample order from this supplier, but I googled them as per your suggestion....and found horribly negative reviews of the supplier pulling bait and switches on people.

Hi Walter,
First of all thanks a million for writing your book. I read it a few weeks ago and it truly is invaluable.


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