I Advise You Read This Before Parting with Your 5$ in Whole World Biz


WholeWorld Biz My Honest Review – Can You Actually Make Money by Donating to Charity?

Name: Whole World

Website: http://wholeworld.biz/en/

Price: Initial $100 deposit & $5 Activation Fee & additional Business Package Extra Cost

Type: Multi-Level Marketing

I am sure you have heard about this program and aren’t completely sure what WholeWorld Biz is exactly.

Don’t worry because I was in the same position and have taken it upon myself to dig deep below the surface in my WholeWorld Biz review to show you the facts about it and allow you to make an informed decision whether it’s something for you.

I strongly suggest that you take a few minutes and pay close attention to this brief review to fully understand this online money-making opportunity.

What is WholeWorld Biz All About?

It is an international Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) organization that produces a significant amount of it’s income for charities and it’s members from donations. They bulk of the members are in Ukraine.

In order to join WholeWorld Biz you will have to make an initial donation that will be split between a charitable organization and a “sponsor” or someone that is your upline.

It is possible to make money from WholeWorld Biz, but it wont be as simple as making that initial investment. If you want to actually make a substantial amount of money online using the WholeWorld Biz program, you will have to refer more people to join the program and be apart of your downline. Also theres a promise that your own charity organization can be sponsored or the charity can be sent to someone you recommend if you reach a certain payout or level in the pryamid.

The Compensation Plan

I’m sure you’ve watched their marketing video and you saw how you can make money if Jill joins Joe and Joe joins Mary.

That is what all they hype is about.

Making money, not giving it.

I would love to sit here and tell you how much you could make if you get so and so to join under you, but I’d rather not.


Now I would like to add that these figures are very impossible to ignore, but do remember that recruiting in any type of product line is not going to be easy.

Also remember that when members quit, you lose out on income so getting to this is what I like to call “too good to be true”.

I’m sure the members that are pushing this site out there will try to tell you that there are people making this type of income, but I’m sure it’s not them.

I don’t care if they tell you that you need to “work” at building this business because it is not for everyone even if they try to say it is.

Been there, done that.


This is a traffic spamming you will be canvassing for on social media.

Business Machine Service

This is one of the newest features that WholeWorld Biz has come out with and it is supposed to be used as a substitute instead of you having to actively refer new members to the program yourself.

WholeWorld Biz claims that out of all of their members, 30% of them were registered directly to the program without being referred by another member.

When you activate the Business Machine for yourself, you will be put into a queue for 30 days. When someone joins the program directly, you can be their sponsor and join your downline.

There are 3 seperate Business Machine Service Packages available for purchase:

Although this method may seem attractive, it really isn’t a viable option until you have established a very massive downline. I see this feature as a way for WholeWorld Biz to take advantage of members that aren’t able to recruit people on their own and therefore don’t have a large downline.

When you first start out, when your referral signs up and pays the initial $100 required, due to the compensation plan(which I will explain), of that $100 intial investment they make, you will only make $10.

So if you were to use this service without a considerable downline, you would be spending atleast $50 to make $10. I will go into further detail of how the compensation plan works and the different levels of the downline.

My Final Opinion of Whole World

I don’t recommend this site to anyone looking to create and run a solid business.

Charity is charity and business is business.

Now whether you think this is a scam or not is completely up to you.

Personally, I don’t like the business model and that is enough for me not to join.

If you are looking to give to charity, there are thousands of them out there that are willing to take your DONATION for whatever the cause may be.

Now if you are looking to create a solid business, I say you do some affiliate marketing, create your own digital products and become a guru.

Click here to see what program I used to learn how to run my online business.

Other than that, I don’t see Whole World to be something you can promote.

I mean, “hey do you want to give to charity and make money doing it?”

That just sounds wrong.


Anyways, thanks for reading my Whole World Scam review and hopefully I have given you a better vision of what this site is really about.

If you have any questions about this or any other make money from home opportunity, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.