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Does a  Guarantee Mean a Product is Safe?

You see guarantees

“30 Day, No Questions Asked Guarantee.”

“60 Day, Bullet Proof Guarantee.”

“If you don’t like it, send it back and we will give you a bonus! (WTF)

Geez…how can you trust all of these guarantees.    Everyone seems to be offering them, in particular within the “opportunity” market online.  If there is a guarantee, there is no risk right?


That is where most people are fooled into buying something.  Yes, there are many companies that are actually hiding behind their guarantee.

Guarantees to Watch Out For!

(1) Info-products that are shipped to you.  Be careful about products that are shipped to you in the mail.  There are many info courses (with a high ticket price) that take advantage of the time it takes for a product to ship and will also take advantage of the fact that the product must come back in the same shape that it was sent to you.  This means that you are responsible for “packaging” it back together if you want the guarantee…which usually doesn’t happen.

(2) Companies with poor reviews.  This may seem obvious, but people tend to avoid negative reviews.  Regardless if a product offers a guarantee or not, if you look around the Internet and you see a bunch of negative reviews, then you may want to consider avoid the product altogether.    Avoid the junk in the first place and you won’t have to worry about guarantees.

(3) High Ticket Prices.  Anything that costs over $500 and offers a guarantee, look out.  They are going to make your life a living hell to get your a refund and here is why.  Every “make money” product that you buy online likely has an affiliate behind it.  If you buy an information product or course that is say, $997, the affiliate is likely getting $500 commission (and the merchant the rest).

If you ask for a refund the merchant might have paid out the $500, so guess what they are going to do, make getting your refund an annoying process!  Be careful when you buy products online that cost over $500 (when they are digital are “mail order” information).

(4) Clickbank Products.  Known for high refund rates (some as high as 60% that I have seen), Clickbank is a network that seems to support a lot of scam based products.  I typically recommend that people stay away from Clickbank products altogether to be safe because of this.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you first if you are going to step foot into buying a “make money” product on Clickbank!

(5) A sales page that emphasizes a guarantee.  If a product continually boasts the “money back guarantee” it is usually offering your foresight into your own future (ie. you are going to want your money back).  If a company is trying to sell you on the fact that there is a guarantee and not showing you what the product is and what it will do for you, run away and don’t look back.


The Ultimate Guarantee…Letting YOU Try Before You Buy

That is right, if a company will let you try their product out for free it adds a whole new level of credibility.   There are very few companies in the “make money” industry that do this simply because if you tried their product, you would never end up buying (because frankly they under-deliver)

There is a reason the most successful company in the world, Apple, showcases their products and lets you try them out and even offers you training on how to use the products for free..without having to spend the time.


At an Apple Store, trying for FREE before you buy.

Training from experts, full working examples of their products.  That has lead Apple to being one of the most highly regarded companies in the world and some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the world (according to almost EVERY SOURCE).

There is only one company that I am aware of that does this online, and it is Wealthy Affiliate.   If you want to take advantage of the top training in the “Internet Business” world  including support for FREE (before you have to buy a thing), then I suggest you consider the community at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my full review here.

Also, I would love to hear your feedback on your thoughts regarding “guarantees”.  Have you been scammed as a result of a guarantee, have you had good or bad experiences with them.  I would love to hear them.