How to remove the yellow background color from adsense in WordPress


If you have Adsense ads on your site, then Google places a “ins” tag around it. Many WordPress themes using standard light yellow background color for “ins” tags. The specific color: # FF9900. Do Want to change the background color yellow adsense? However, the solution is quite simple.

This (short) article was written after following a comment on my blog of Judith, in the article ” Adsense Tips to increase your income .”


The solution

One way to remove the yellow background color for Google Adsense blocks is by navigating to “Appearance” -> “Edit CSS” or “View” -> “Editor”. Place the following code in your “Custom CSS stylesheet”:

ins {
background-color: transparent;
text-decoration: none;

Save your changes and you will see that the yellow background color is gone! This is a very simple trick and I hope you find it useful!