How to Generate Free Traffic Targeted to Your Blog


There are many ways to generate traffic to blog. Most especially free targeted traffic. Traffic to blog cannot be over emphasised as the blood line for any blog, irrespective of the reason why you are blogging.

Online/ Internet businesses works on one system: Drive targeted traffic and convert that traffic into subscribers and then buyers. This will helps your blog to grow over time.

There are many ways to get free targeted traffic . I know you have been told use Paid advertising. But I have outlined simple ways I get free traffic to my blog without spending a dime.

Ready for Free Targeted Traffic?

Facebook Fan Page

No matter what business you are into your customers are all on facebook. facebook offers the best free traffic if you know how to get it. Facebook is indisputably the largest and fastest social media network in the world.

The roadmap to insane facebook


To get free targeted traffic from facebook,

  • Create a fan
  • Create Content
  • Offer Giveaways
  • Take Surveys
  • Make Money

The simple trick in facebook traffic is creating contents that are share worthy. Let’s take this scenario you are just starting out you probably have a couple of facebook fans. Don’t worry  create a captivating post asking them to enter for a contest to win a give away and also share with their friends. Think about it. If even 10 people you have on your fan page, and all of those people share your content with 200 friends on Facebook, you’d boost your Facebook traffic. And if even two of those 200 friends (that’s just 1%!) shared it with their 200 friends…

It’s the domino effect in action. But how do you push over the first domino and get that first person to share your content?

The giveaway, everyone wants the feeling of wining something, so giveaways works magic with the facebook share button. One point you need to know is give something tangible don’t give a small gift you will get no shares.

see the image for an

The image above shows exactly what I’m talking about. You are probably wondering where you will get the money for the giveaway, Right? I will explain that now. The link to your website should actually go to a survey page where you have google ads running so that alone will generate the money to pay for the giveaway and also don’t forget your email list soars as more people participate in the giveaways.

This email list now serve as return traffic, which you can use to remarket your offers, blog content, affiliate products etc. Does it make sense? Leave your answer in the comment box below. I will love to hear from you.

Facebook Groups

Find and join facebook groups related to your niche, Be active, Give comments on peoples post and hit the like button when you can. Comments benefit you in many ways. Try and help out anyone who has a question you can answer that grows your muscle and make you influencial.

People read a blog post and then look at the comments. And if they like what you’ve said then they’ll look you up and visit your website.

Comments lead to traffic. They lead to people discovering you and your blog. By supporting others you’ll find your tribe.


If you use a Twitter tool called Crowdbooster or Buffer you will see what times are the best times to tweet a post for interaction. The most effective times are 10am and 2pm and  5.30pm. Think of it when do you check your twitter? morning / afternoon teabreak and going home from work time (people using their smart phones to read tweets). So when you publish your posts at lunchtime, Also schedule a tweet about them for 10am,2pm and 5.30pm.


Then send a Direct Message to two Twitter  friends and ask them to comment on the post.  Second twitter trick is to always use relevant hashtags and don’t forget always include the #followforfollow tag.

Tell your followers what you require from them like Retweet, Like, Comment.

Apply all these twittert hacks and see your blog traffic soar. Do you use a different Twitter traffic source method? I beg you to share in the comment box. Thanks!

Use Google+

Google+ happen to be my best social media platform because whatever I post on it ends up in google first page. On your profile on google+ share your post link say something captivating . then take a look at what circles you have and which circle would benefit the most and tag them in the postyou are sharing. If you have a friend the post will benefit also tag them.  Then don’t forget to payit forward; give comments on others post and karma will be applied back to you.