how do I get people to comment on my website


Comments and user engagement are going to be a big part of your success. That is why I have taken time to answer “How to get people to comment on your blog?” A website becomes a “tribe” and interactive the minute you can start engaging people on your site. Your goal is not only to inform and sell to people, but to get them asking questions, discussing important and relevant topics, and leaving you feedback and reviews.

But how do you determine whether or not a comment is legit?

Before you start asking “how to get comments on your website?”
First things you should be aware of, there are a ton of comment spammers out there and I want you to prevent people from spamming your website. There is a very effective plugin for doing this called WP Spamshield Anti-spam. You can install this plugin on your website and set-up to start blocking spam. It blocks majority of the spams.

However, some spam will still make it through. So periodically you will have to clear out any “junk” comments. with the steps below. and help you understand what is the difference between a real comment and a fake comment.

Task 1: Clear Out Any Junk or Default Comments

Your next task is to simply go into your Comments tab and to “remove” any comments that are spam.


You will notice that beside the comments tab, you will have a little orange bubble that indicates the number of “pending” comments. In this case I have 1,821 pending comments.

If you have any comments that are REAL (some of the comments can be real actually) and you have not approved them yet, I suggest you do this as well. Make sure you spend some time to reply to every comment that you get.

Task 2: Update your pages to “ask for feedback”

Getting people engaging is critical to your website successful. There are several reasons for this, some more obvious than others.

(1) Increase Trust – Not only with the people that comment and get a reply, but the people that read the comments. More trust equate to more conversions.

(2) Good for SEO – Google and other search engines like content that is active, that people are engaging in and that is constantly being updated. This is exactly what comments do and it can lead to your page/post having higher rankings and a long lasting presence within the search engines.

(3) Customer Understanding – When you invite people to give you feedback and ask questions, you are going to get a ton of insight into your audience, what they are thinking, what they need help with, and often times their “hot buttons” (what will lead to conversions).

Each and every page and post on your site should end with you asking people to leave a comment, whether you are offering your help, asking them to leave their opinion/thoughts, or simply asking them straight up for a comment. (see my example below)


Also at Wealthy Affiliate  has a feature on SiteRubix called, Site Comments. You can get the ball rolling by commenting yourself first.

Are you a blogger too? has this post influenced you? Please leave a comment below so I will get to know and share your knowledge of whats working. thanks.

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I have a couple of questions. If you have posts that have been on your site for a while, do the comments stay there forever or do they disappear after a while? In other words, are they still visible to search engines? Is it a good idea to keep getting comments for older posts?

The comments stay on the page, except you decide to delete it.

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