Global MoneyLine – Legit or a Big Fat Scam?

Welcome to my Global MoneyLine Review!

Product: Global Moneyline

Price: Free

Owners: Kent Anthony

Origin: Costa Rica


Benefits : Global Lead Building

My Ratings: 9.5 of 10

Global MoneyLine Review – No Bias No Strings Just Honest

Global MoneyLine Product Overview


Global MoneyLine is the most amazing lead generating system in recent times, that will absolutely increase your website traffic, referrals and revenue!
I heard about global moneyline on a forum I belong to one guy was happily flaunting his earnings across all of his affiliate programs. He refused to pass the info on how he was generating such huge leads. I did a little digging and found his facebook account, the facebook account lead to his website where I saw the lead secret.

What Did I Do Discovering Global MoneyLine?

I signed up for a  free account and watched all the videos and listened to the audios. traffic-generation-leadsYes I did read some reviews as well, but bottom line I paid the $20 one time bronze membership fee because I didn’t want to pass up my referrals to the next available upline.

What Difference Did I See After Joining Global MoneyLine?

I saw my website traffic increase, Affiliate product sales increased, I was able to easily get referrals into other online businesses I’m into. eg Wealthy Affiliate. I was also able to flaunt earnings everywhere and fill like a guru you know the feeling. Most importantly as I am in the ministry of helping people I was able to see my friends who were struggling for sales get huge sales through Global moneyline.
Friends, I can honestly say that Global MoneyLine is better than any solo ads, adpacks, email marketing and any of leads system that is out there. I as an Internet Affiliate Marketing Veteran is sure of this.

What Exactly is Global MoneyLine

As I stated earlier moneyline is a traffic and lead generation builder. The platform builds a list of subscribers for you. Now you may ask what exactly is the deal with Global Money line and how does it help you earn money? The answer to the question is in fact very simple.

  • Global Moneyline does not involve in marketing products or writing reviews or any kind.
  • Every member who joins the platform is placed directly beneath the person who joined before them.
  • You can message your products and services to everyone who is on the portal via your account.
  • Ability to earn from referrals if you have a paid subscription.
  • No email addresses are exchanged unless both persons involved agree.
  • MoneyLine is Free for as long as you want it to be, Sign up for Free to lock in your spot then see if you see what I saw at the MoneyLine.
  • It generates “Traffic” and “Leads” two essential ingredients for any business.

Please I have included a video walk through on how you can register on Global Moneyline and the account setup.

Who Needs MoneyLine?

MoneyLine is extremely helpful if your niche is in the make money from home, home based business and/or affiliate marketing area.
Sign up for Free at Global MoneyLine and share your website with the more than 1,000 Friends joining the MoneyLine daily.

Global MoneyLine Earning Potential

Moneyline is Free forever is your choose to share your website and/or opportunities without sharing MoneyLine.
If you do choose to share MoneyLine the Moneyline Compensation program which the platform offers to its members is absolutely Amazing!

If you are a running business, you can promote your product to other members of Moneyline or just increase your contacts and message everyone to recruit them.
As a free member on moneyline, you can only contact people at Moneyline one person at a time.
You can message and interact within the global leads in the portal.

The Compensation Plan


Moneyline uses a “Compound Leverage” Compensation Plan and only Independent Representatives (IR’s) can qualify for this.
This plan is also known as a wholesale commission and there is two wholesale commission paid out on each sale.
For one to qualify as an IR You need to complete 3 bronze sales at $20 each. (1 of the Bronze sales will be your own) Becoming a Bronze member qualifies you to receive the $20 commissions.
Silver Members who complete 3 Silver sales (1 being your own) then qualify for the $50 Silver commissions.
Gold Members who complete 3 Gold sales (1 being your own) then qualify for the $100 Gold commissions.

Platinum Members who complete 3 Platinum sales (1 being your own) then qualify for the $250 Platinum commissions.
All of the above commissions after the 3rd sale got to you to infinity.
So as long you are recruiting buyers who upgrade, you earn more commissions.
As one can see this is a real deal breaker for anybody willing to earn more money.
Global Moneyline pays commission via a 2-up system or a 2-roll up plan which are tracked through a unique unilevel compensation structure outlined on the website.
Commissions are paid to IR’s as Friends who upgrade join Global Moneyline.

The Different Subscriptions at Global MoneyLine

The Bronze subscription which is the also the initial subscription of the portal which stands at $20 – Message 25 Friends at a time within the system
The Silver subscription of the portal which stands at a $50 annual fee – Message 50 Friends at a time within the system + much more visibility on the MoneyLine.
The Gold subscription of the portal which stands at an annual fee of $100 – Message 100 Friends within the MoneyLine at a time + Even more visibility!
The Platinum subscription on the portal is priced at $250 – Message 250 Friends at a time + Extreme Ultimate Visibility and Message everyone within the MoneyLine once monthly.


Honestly with moneyline there are a few drawbacks in that you will have listen to all the audio trainings to be able to find your way around.
Also I don’t like the fact that free members will pass up their earnings to their upline. If I am to say one should also get a commission  when he refers someone irrespective of the level. But to fix this moneyline requires you pay a $20 bronze fee.

Finally on drawbacks, passing up of your first 2 members that you sponsor to a qualified upline.
In Moneyline, even as a bronze user you only qualify to start earning commissions only when you are able to make two additional sales in addition to yours. That’s like getting a kick where the sun don’t shine and liking it…
If because of the things I just mentioned you are considering not joining… you can look up my No1 Recommended product here

Conclusion: MoneyLine

Global Moneyline has proved its mettle in online affiliate recruitment via its platform.
As is promised by Moneyline, there are no products sold or marketed with the recruitment of paid affiliates the only way to earn some commission.
The concept of the business is based on a chain recruitment model which gives the user immediate access to every person who joins after the user.
As you aren’t provided e-mail lists of any affiliates joining after you, the only way to communicate or messages via the portal. All the messages get through the system.
The only person that has access to the affiliate e-mail addresses happens to be the admin, who is also responsible for generating the e-mail list.
The compensation plan for Global Moneyline is simple enough to understand with a 2-roll up play plan that has been made with careful consideration for IR’s.
Moneyline has managed to rake up quite a following since its inception. If you are an online business, then you will definitely see an increased traffic to your website and your online income soar to staggering heights provided you know to make the system work in your favor.
At the end of the day, Global Moneyline is a simple legitimate idea integrated into a potential money making venture that strives on leads and traffic.
To signup and begin earning with Global Moneyline, click here to join
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I joined this Global Money Line just a few days ago, but couldn’t really make sense of what it was all about, so I haven’t looked at it since. I did receive an email from them yesterday, decided to go back for a look, but couldn’t seem to log in. So, I don’t know.

Is it a revenue sharing platform? The emails I get say there are thousands of people in my network already. Would I be earning commissions from all these people if I had paid for a bronze level?

Hi Daren, thanks for stopping by. Is good you have joined money line. Money line is really not a revshare. Is more like solo ads. The people in your network is everyone that joins after you. Monelopine is a one line of traffic. When you pay the $20 you are only able to send messages to 25 people at a time. The commission you earn is from your personally sponsored referals

Global Money Line sounds like a great program for lead generation. 🙂

It sounds like you’ve had an awesome experience with GML. There are certainly some pros to using a program like this to build an online business, and it’s great that people can sign up for free too!

Compared to a lot of opportunities I’ve tried, the GML com plan and subscriptions seem fairly reasonably priced.

Thanks for your review, and I can see this program benefiting people who want to build lists and make money online.


Thank you Neil, I am glad you visited and found the offer cool for online promotions. Did you join yet? If not grab your account here or if you are in already what are your experiences?

My results with Global MoneyLine were not very good. I posted two different messages over several weeks using trackers. In theory, GML provides a “downline” that people may send messages. But the problem for free members is that they can only send 1 message at a time. Bronze members can send messages 20 at a time. I found this process tedious for the few results I received. I continue to test my GML and my messages to get more data.

Thank you Glen for hopping in, Global moneyline free users have to do the meassage sending manually, but if you should upgrade your account then that will be no problem at all and plus is a onetime payment of $20. I think is worth the while.