Earn Fifty -E50 – Is it Fraud?


Earn Fifty is a peer to peer website, where the members makes a statement of their commitment to donate money. You have been told about earnfifty.com and you really want to check it out to know what is about is it a scam? Does it have trusted and experienced Admins? What is the stability of the program? [sociallocker id=729]

I joined Earn50 and decided to do a little findings about it myself. I will be discovery what those findings on this post. Please be informed that every information I use here are all informations avaliable online on there website and my own deductions.

Watch the Video For full explainations

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Who Runs the Show at E50?

There is no information about who runs the show at E50 on the website. But it has some dummy images of admins when you login to your dashboard.  earn-fifty-scam

How It Works?

When you signup initially on Earn50, You are on the first landing where you can only donate between the sum of N20,000 (N20k) to N500,000.00. This donations are paired immediately you make the statement. So it is advised you don’t Make a statement when you don’t have cash yet.

The money matures on within seven days you made the statement. So the short story is you get 20% of what you trade with. (Remember statement is the regular PH, while Trade can substitute GH an PH)

The only exception to money maturity is on the case of weekends, No trades on weekends.


How Do I Know When I am Matched?

You get an email and sms alert, Payment is expected to be completed from 10.00AM – 4.00PM. SMS and Email Notification would be sent to the Senders and receivers


When I recieve Payment, How Do I Confirm?

Just Login to your dashboard, click on inflow and the review then approve.


How To Register

  1. Goto www.earnfifty.com
  2. Put your Details
  3. Put Refferal ID
  4. Click on Continue
  5. That is all.

Risk Level Involved

All this Ponzi Scheme I liken them to that musical chair game played in childrens party. Musical chairs is a game where a number of chairs, one fewer than the number of players, are arranged facing outward with the players standing in a circle just outside the chairs. Usually music is played while the players in the circle walk in unison around the chairs. When the music stops each player attempts to sit down in one of the chairs. The player who is left without a chair is eliminated from the game. One chair is then removed/eliminated to ensure that there will always be one fewer chair than there are players. The music resumes and the cycle repeats until there is only one player left in the game, who is the winner.

From the game above, no matter what happens there will be and must be a loser.

Verdict on E50 Scam

I give it a risk level of 75% so invest only with spare cash. Do not invest, My test account I created I noticed pockets of scams here and there.

They take on the model of hyips and scam peeople randomly

Support is absent, the whatsapp group where support was gotten was dissolved a clear sign of divide and rule.

Need a sustainable business then this is it here.