Get Help Worldwide Has Scammed


Don’t join Get help worldwide, if you have not read this article.

You suffer lose at your own risk, Don’t contact me after you have been scammed.

Welcome to my Get Help Worldwide Review!

Chances are you have been approached by someone on social media or in personal about this “business opportunity”.

Now you are here to make sure this is actually legit right?

Good news!

You are actually doing your diligence unlike so many people that jump into these kind of businesses…

Later on discover it was a scam and don’t get paid.

Anyway, in this blog post I am going to walk you through the platform, how it works, the rules and regulations, its sustainability and my testimonies so you can make the right decision.

What Is Get Hep WorldWide?

Get help worldwide remains the best and most secure platform to invest your money in without any panic. Just like in MMM, you can conveniently grow your money by up to 50% (bitcoin) or 30% (direct to your local bank account) within a 30day period.

Get Help Worldwide has a dynamic platform that is interactive and easy to understand. You can even see members’ status as they provide help and get help in real-time as well as view testimonials right from your dashboard. It is has been launched using the best cutting edge technology.

Get Help Works Reviews – The Platform

Get Help Works doesn’t have any retail products or services to sell to the marketplace, but gives members the ability to earn via referal commission. It doesn’t have a Central Account where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from). All the money is only on the banking accounts of the participants themselves, on a lot of thousand and million private accounts of participants.

Participants transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries, we only regulates the process – nothing more.

According to their website: is a unique global community based on honesty and trust among the participants in helping each other. The contributions made using Bitcoin or local currency which is based on peer to peer transaction platform.

With GetHelpworldwide every participant has equal opportunity to build their wealth and make their dreams come true. The most advanced Mutual Aid Program designed to last forever.

GHW is a community of people providing each other financial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence. In GHW you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property, there are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help – another one helps. The only thing that GHW demands from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other. You ask for financial help when you need it, you give financial help when you are able to do it.


You earn in GHW by first declaring your interest to help another participate. To Provide help on gethelp world wide follow these steps:

  1. Register for an account here
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Login to the GHW website wite your informations
  4. Click on the “Provide Help” button get help worldwide reviews
  5. type in the amount you wish to Provide as Help either in your Local Currency on in Bitcoin after which your account will be rewarded with One Time Registration Bonus (depending on amount of Help Provided).
  6. Help provided will start growing from the moment it was entered online at the rate of 30% for Local Currency or 50% for Bitcoin in 30 days, while you remain with your money till you are paired with who you will donate directly to. In GHW, you will be able to see picture of who you are donating to with their Country.
  7. Your Yield amount and date shows you Amount you can request on the 30th day and the date of Maturity. Say you have announced willingness to assist with $ 100 in Bitcoin, they will immediately start growing! By 50% in 30days, this $100 will become $150 in Bitcoin, if you declare willingness to give 1,000 in your Local currency (30% growth) in 30 Days it will become 1,300

How You Receive Your Money Back

Accordingly, you will be able to request for Help in tune of 50% plus capital if you provided help in Bitcoin or 30% if you used your Local currency.

You cannot Get Help if you have not Provided Help. Request for providing help comes to you in your Dashboard. If you do not do it within 48 hours, you will be removed from the system. (For all eternity) In cases of any matter regarding the topic our Support Team are ready to help and answer all your questions.


You get 10% from all deposits of the participant you invited. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that the GHW platform can’t exist without development and participants’ encouragement in the form of referral bonuses motivate many people to take an active position.

Why It is Going to be Sustained


Participants who Upload their Picture will Earn their Complete 50% in Bitcoin in 30days and 30% for Local Currency in 30 days. Participants who upload fake pictures will be Blocked when their ID is requested and compared with the uploaded picture.

After Providing Help and Getting Help (during the 30-day window), another help must be provided within 72 hours in order to keep the system running continuously. Those who fail to comply are automatically blocked from the system. This prevents the system from collapsing when people stop Providing Help all of a sudden.

The Maximum Help one can provide is N2m ($5000 for Bitcoin users). This feature prevents misuse of the platform by super-wealthy people who only seek to use it as a business avenue to grow their income. Someone who donates N200m for instance, will be aiming to get N260m after 30days. These type of people will only participate once and by the time they leave the system with that huge amount of money, a lot of people will become stranded as the volume of people who now need help will exceed those who are providing help. Get Help Worldwide has blocked this by setting a Provide Help Limit to avoid the system being abused by the rich and influential people.

In order to place everyone at an equal pace, the Auto Provide Help Minimum Balance is a feature that automatically makes the last Help you offered your next Provide Help Balance. For instance, if you successfully Provide Help of N100000, the sum of N100000 will automatically become the minimum balance you can Provide Help with next time. Once you have received Help and you want to place another request to Provide Help, you CANNOT place any offer less than the previous N100000 you previously offered. It is either you Provide Help with same balance or you increase it. Also, if you do increase it to, let’s say, N150000, after you receive help, your next Provide Help CANNOT go below N150000.
This system ensures that nobody puts in a huge amount today and then puts a very low amount next month after receiving big amount from the previous help provided. These limits on the platform will keep the community stable and healthy. Your last offer becomes your minimum Provide Help balance on Get Help Worldwide.

The Website is SSL Enabled (https://).
Once your Bank account details have been entered for the first time, it can no longer be changed either by you or anyone who steals your password. To change your bank account details, you have to contact support.

Get Help Worldwide goes a step further by introducing ratings and credit scores. This ensures all active participants have 100% scores from the moment they join the Community. However, each time you default, you lose some percentage from your Credibility Score and anytime the moment it drops to 0% your account will be blocked permanently. In the same manner, your Credibility Score also increases when you are doing the right thing on the platform. (No Inactive Members are Allowed).

No Central Account into which your money is sent to. All members DONATE directly to each other’s personal accounts.

In a bid to keep Get Help Worldwide as stable as possible, they have disallowed the concept of Guiders. This means no Huge Sums of money is donated unnecessarily to people who do absolutely nothing.

As soon as you have Provided Help and also Received Help on the 30th day, participants have a maximum of 3 days (72 hours) to place another Request to Provide Help. Failure to do this will result in blocking and banning of the erring accounts. This will stop people from being idle and withdrawing only bonuses without participating in helping others. It is a move that will further strengthen the system and allow only serious and sincere members.

All these features make Get Help Worldwide a viable program in which you can donate and receive money with peace of mind. Why not join today and be part of the early starters of this safe and fantastic money-making platform

Non Decreasing Commitment

When a you make a Pledge to Provide Help of $100 for Example; your next Pledge to Provide Help will not go below the Previous Help provided. It can only be the same or higher. This will keep the Community Growing instead of being setback by people who will give help of $1,000 for example and after Getting Help of $1,500 they decide to Provide Help of $10 in their next Pledge.

Some Rules to Note

Participants who fail to upload their Picture will earn 30% of their Provided Help in Bitcoin in 30 days and 20% of their Provided Help in Local Currency.

Each participant is allowed to have ONLY one account.



There’s no law against its operations. Most of the PH and GH platforms sprang up some months back. With MMM Global been the biggest of them all and went under April of 2016…

Since then, there has been a TON popping up like Zewang Help, Global Coin Community Help, Morez Help and so on…

In all of those companies including Get Help Worldwide, new invested funds are used to pay off existing members…

Hence how they get their 130% ROI which is plastered all over their website…

But my advice is if you must participate stay in your comfort zone.

Join Get Help World Wide Here

Why you should not Join Get Help World Wide

In the past few weeks get help worldwide has taken all the steps that scammer take before they finally exist the dance floor. If you are not yet dancing on GHW dance floor please do not join now. Because the music is about to end.

My guys all has been complaining of lack of pairing since over five days the asked for help.

others has been paired immediately the pledged. Please my brethren don’t lose money now. Economy sweet.

I hope you enjoyed my Get Help Worldwide review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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