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I’ve am sharing my traffic strategy…
Basically, I uses Facebook ads to promote my product BEFORE it’s launched and also, during the launch.
Very clever.

Note that with the current, known as Timeline / Timeline page layout is the number of Likes become less important .
Much more important is whether the people who follow your page (likers) actually can see message and respond.

As many people on the “Like clicked nice ‘button on your Facebook page and not on your posts will respond your messages even less shown.

The quality of the “likers’ has thus become much more important. These people you must really like pages and interact with your posts to go. Interaction here means a reaction leave a message, the message parts or ‘Like’ clicks on a message.

By default, your message shown to a (small) part of your followers. The more important the message, the more people can see it in their News Feed. Ashes your message to less than 10% of your followers will be displayed that is not enough.

Try to get a range of over 20% – 30% for every message you post. A comment or share a message does have more value than a ‘Like’ but ultimately this interaction means that the message will be shown in the news more followers of your page. And that’s what you want.

Most of the people who have ever visited your page and ‘Like’ clicked visit the page does noooit again. They only follow the posts in their news.

A good proportion of updates to your Facebook page is the 10-4-1 rule. For every 10 messages to other sites (with link) 4 posts about your business with links to your site or blog and first post where you offering something with a link to the sales page or landing page.

One of your main goals should be to your own website traffic. Try ultimately fans of your Facebook page to get to your website and not vice versa.

Facebook is huge and your target audience is firmly too, so a good place to introduce them to you. A place also where you can gain confidence with your updates. Some tips so to get more traffic to your page.

Unique URL

Do you have more than 25 Likes, or if it’s your first page, you can do this right, you ask via the unique URL . Note that you do not make mistakes here because you can no longer change this URL.

The URL makes it easier for (not) fans to get to your page and remember. It is also easier to remember for yourself if you want to share it.
Choose a URL with your company name and / or an important keyword.

A Facebook page with a URL and good name is better found in the search engine.
So traffic from people you do business Facebook page do not know yet.

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