CONTENT Rules Traffic: 25 Ways to Create Outstanding Content!


You heard so many time the expression: “Content is King!” how-to-write-great-content

Well, if the content is so important for SEO and search engine ranking, than it is certainly so that the content is very important part of the SEO!

Google wants from You that You create your own original and unique content which is very beneficial for the visitor and offers a lot of value!

It makes sense, because this is the way how the visitor will remain longer on Google SE, and this is what Google wants … to keep You as long as possible in their search engine!

Also there abound various channels where you can get content from. see this post on getting blog post ideas so you can create quality contents. What kind of info or other stuff can You create and consider it as content?


Here are 25 ways to create astonishing and unique, outstanding content:

1) I am writing right now a blog, so it is BLOG!

2) Every web site has pages, right? So the next kind of content is a WEB PAGE of any kind!

3) Many sites have many articles in it, so ARTICLE is also one sort of content!

4) Guest of Your site can post POSTS – another kind of content!

5) You can offer E-book as an incentive or even sell it – so right an E-BOOK – another variation of content!

6) You can write REPORTS!

7) You can write REVIEWS!

8) Consider also WHITE PAPERS!

9) What about various PRESENTATIONS – like Power Point Presentations, Slideshare presentation, etc..?

10) Do you like to draw? Draw INFO-GRAPHICS and enhance your content!

11) Offer BROCHURES?

12) CHEAT SHEETS and TIPS SHEETS are another great way of creating content!

13) Do You like to answer to FAQ? Great way of creating content for many purposes!

14) Do you like to create VIDEOS? Best content strategy nowadays!

15) Not to forget MICRO – VIDEOS as well as a great way of creating your unique content!

16) Do You like to sell stuff? Create SALES PAGES on your site as an appealing content!

17) LANDING PAGES – of all kind – great content as well!

18) Wow … we almost forgot SOCIAL MEDIA updates, sharing etc…

19) Do you like to make photos? Create PICTURES and share them on your site!

20) VARIOUS ANIMATIONS, DOODLE animations, GIF animations …

21) Hmmm, do you like to teach? If yes, create TUTORIALS!

22) ONLINE COURSES are great way to attract visitors as well!

23) ONLINE SURVEYS- ask people …

24) POST COMMENTS … see how to get comments to your blog post

25) Ask Your visitor to subscribe to NEWSLETTER – offer FREE STUFF …!


Do You see the potential of creating CONTENT!

There are other possibilities to add content on your page, as well! Do You know any other kind of CONTENT?

Share it with us! Leave your comment in the comment box below.