– Why you should not Join


Betathrift or better thief my position is simple, it is a scam. Since the fall of MMM Nigeria, Nigerians have all been clamouring for where to put there money into.

Taking everything that looks and seems like MMM serious. But withrecent happenings, with people losing money here and there more people now do the due diligence to check out websites first before joining.

Come to think of it you that want to double your money without providing any goods or service is a scammer. With Donation hub activities, One girl in my group said that I am a thief that we are all thieves in the group for scamming her.

Please my donation hub review is like this one, I bluntly it spelled it out as scam because she wants to double money she ventured into it lost money and is now looking for who to blame.

My dear you are not alone, I have lost more money this yer than ever to all this “help me I help you websites”. Just in Loopers I lost N500,000 in a twinkle of an eye. I can’t access the account again at all after making payment.

The scar has taught me the lesson of never puting money in “Help me I help you scheme again”. The same way I am telling you sweet friend don’t do again. If you have no business please meet me here I will show you one.

So back to Beta Thrift

I better call it “Better Thief” or “better Thrift” they will thrift away with your money.

i warn you do not put money, think of everyone that depends on you for supplies, stop losing money everywhere.

Looking at Betathrift website you can say that who ever that is managing it has very poor sense of leadership. The images are all blur scrapped together like a primary one fine art project.

Also, I know what you are thinking “it is new they will pay me” my dear if you are not yet wise please wise up. you either do MMM Nigeria with proven leadership and management team than toy around with your hard earned money.

You know they send out bulk sms to invite people, There’s is no point calling them fraud because if you register now with N7,500 you are paid back N30,000. Now do the maths, If you join now, Three more people need to join for you to be paid. and since there’s no referal, where will the people come from?

My brother this my analysis is ok for the wise. Please remember I am Queen the super teacher, enriching life through sustainable business oppoturnities. join me on telegram for free training today.

Please share and save a soul from the devil of financial loss.