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Do not be the next SUCKER to fall into the D9 CLUB fraud. Undertake of quotas disguised as trading created by PIRAMIDEIROS. It's not multilevel marketing. WATCH OUT! The D9 CLUB is more of a PONZI SCHEME , which is on our fraud radar . It's a copy of GOOBETS and

Dealing with the Google Slap

What is the Google Slap? A Google slap can mean either one of these two undesirable things:   Your ads and landing pages, as judged by Google is of poor quality. When this happens you need to pay higher rates since your ads are now placed at lower positions with Google's landing

Where does one paste ‘the code’ to join google adsense


Google Adsense is an internet advertising agency, owned by Google. The service allows webmasters the ability to monetize their website by displaying relevant ads on their website. The possible ad formats include banners, text links and search windows. The webmaster always receives a sum of money (a few cents to