Apple itunes Affiliate program -The Complete Guide [With Income Proof]


If you have a music blog, Book reading  Blog, or you are operating a tech blog and has not had any success in website affiliate programs then you don’t worry.

Apple has an affiliate program for iTunes, the App Store, iBooks, and the Mac App Store did you know that?  itunes-affiliate-program

It will be good you signup for Apple’s itunes affiliate program directing . I recommend itunes’ affiliate program because is one of the top earning affiliate program available online. It has some interesting Features  which we will be looking at.

What are the features of Apple Itunes?

I will guide you step by step into how to get all your Apple links to produce results.

  1. Selling iTunes products, Apps, and other content Apple Inc. offers 7% of the commission to you.
  2. Apple Inc. Will pay you money after 90 days of the product sale.
  3. 24 hours cookie periods. That means if a user clicks on your affiliate link & makes a purchase within 24 hours, you will get a commission
  4. For iPhone users, there is one app available Blink to generate affiliate link on their iOS device.
  5. If you link your affiliate links to the Apple Online Store’s, you can’t earn commissions on the iTunes affiliate program.
  6. You can get a commission on the links to iTunes gifts on a desktop or within iOS.

The apple iTunes Affiliate program is free and open for everyone and you can sign up from here.

Though application is free, but it goes through a verification and approval process. It takes about five days for you to be approved and accepted into the program.

To ensure you get approved, put your working blog link on your application. If you don’t have a working blog or website then your application will not be approved.

When your application is approved, you can log in to your Apple affiliate dashboard.

Here is what the dashboard looks like:


The first time you are logged into your affiliate area you want to first update your payment details. To do that navigate to Settings > Payment Method, and add your payment details. For some countries, Applesends payment via direct bank transfer.

In Tracked Currency select “All Countries” & in Paid Currency select your country’s currency. Don’t forget to check the box which says “Auto Selfbill/Payment Required.”


NB: Add a threshold limit. is the minimum amount you will get before you get paid by Apple. It is important you update that too.

How To Create Affiliate Links for Apple Products:

To grab your affiliate links, Navigate to “Tools” at the top of your dashboard there you will see various options to create affiliate links.

See screenshot:

Apple itunes Affiliate program

How to Monetize Your Affiliate Links

Auto Link Maker:

The auto Link maker, injects a javascript code to your website. It turns any itunes link in your post both past, presnt and future to an affiliate link.

You can use the Google Tag Manager or edit your theme to add the JS snippet on your blog.

Here’s Sample of what the code looks like

apple itunes affiliate program

RSS Feed Generator:

RSS Feed Generator tool is used to link songs, albums, apps, and movies as many as you want and with this tool, you can use it increase your revenue tremendously.
Create an RSS link to Apple’s list of top products, music, books, apps, and more for your website. These feeds automatically update to reflect iTunes’ top charts and new content, so you’ll always be up to date with the latest in the iTunes Store.

Then place it as a widget in your blog’s sidebar and let the money flow in.

iTunes Affiliate Link Maker

This tool helps you create an affiliate link for an individual product or bulk products. Link Maker lets you search for content across all of the iTunes stores.

Link Maker javascript is an on click event, so when the link has been clicked, the affiliate token is added once. So if your site/blog page is popular and gets lots of engagement, Link Maker is the great tool to create affiliate links for affiliate app or products.

apple itunes affiliate program

Widget Builder

Widget Builder is another way you create a variety of custom widgets to showcase media or let users search for content. Widget Builder allows you to create widgets for a single app, movies, and books, then embed it within your blog post. Then your readers click and download the app thru your affiliate link.

I personal don’t like this method because there are better methods to it.

Simplest Way to create an affiliate link:

At the top of your “Affiliate Dashboard”, you can find your unique affiliate ID.  Whenever you want to link to any app or product from App Store, iBooks, and the Mac App Store, suffix it with ?at=XXXX (replace XXXX with your unique affiliate ID).

How To Track Income from the iOS App

I have always said if you can track it then you can improve it. There several means to track your earnings with the ios App. As stated below:

  1.  iTunes Content WordPress plugin.                                                                                                                               It is a wordpress plugin, (only for blogs built on word press). It presents you an up-to-date information about iTunes Store products such as Mac and iOS App Store Apps, iBook Store Ebooks and iTunes Music Store Albums and Songs in posts in a straightforward and elegant way to get more clicks, sales and earn more money.

So this is the guide to the iTunes Affiliate Program to earn money. If you are a webmaster and have tried this program don’t forget to share your Experience in the comment section below.

If you have any question regarding this program feel free to ask questions to me? I Hope my complete guide to the Apple iTunes Affiliate Program helps you to get started.