Anthony Morrison Success Connection Is Scam


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Product Name:  Success With Anthony
$7, $147, $1,000’s (unethical pricing/upsells/Crafty sells)
Anthony Morrison
Support: Scanty
Product Quality: 
Overall Rank: 2
6 out of 100 points.

Can one achieve success with the Anthony Morrison program? I am doing this post after reading through one of Anthony Morrison campaigns on facebook. Does what Anthony Morrison claim in his trainings really work in the time frame he stipulated? If you are reading this post, chances are you have listened to the smooth talker Morrison.anthony-morrison-success-connection-scam

If you have you’ve been looking for ways to make money online and be a better Internet Marketer. Then you must have come across  Anthony Morrison. He’s been around for over 10 years ripping people off with his younger brother Adrian Morrison.
Billed as “the” perfect formula for driving traffic to your website, the Success With Anthony program makes a number of claims, some that land and some that totally fall flat. The problem is that most people will not know which is which until they have already invested their money into the program which is presented to you with your “typical” sales video.  This is the first red flag of many that I will be discussing with this review.

This is not a bash Anthony Morrison campaign, I only want to help as many people as I can to achieve success online without been defrauded of their hard earned cash. I am going to be giving my advice on the success connection of Anthony Morrison. Also this can be in relation to any of his products if is Fanpage success connection or the email hype Webinar don’t get carried away on the number of years he has escaped judgement scamming unsuspecting online money seekers.

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Pros and Cons of this marketing course.


  • The pros of this program is negligible because of its over-reaching claims.  The product itself is a joke.


  •  The advertised and promised “free websites” are not actually free at all.
  • The informations on the package are randomly copied  and then spun. while at the same time stuffing all the keywords they want to rant for into it.
  • Support system in not in place for new members.
  • The products was banned from Clickbank, Clickbank is the largest digital product website in the world. The ban should give you a warning.
  • There has been pockets of scams here and there in connection to Anthony Morrison Success connection and related products.
  • A lot of up sells
  • Training can be found for free else where
  • Shady up selling tactics
  • Following the Trainings you will make no money. Period
  • Disrespect for your Prefrences, it terms of calls and email notifications.

In May of 2012, Success With Anthony Was SHUT DOWN by Clickbank…

In May of 2012 Anthony’s product was banned within Clickbank, A message was sent to all affiliates of click bank as of then stating the ban. If you are familiar with systems you will know that every organised system has its laid down rules.

In Clickbank you can get the axe if you do any or either of the followings:

  •  If people always ask for their money back.
  •  It had a very high chargeback rate
  • High volume of scam complaints to their support
  • The product made false claims that were in violation of Clickbank policy


Clickbank has a handful of low quality products on its shelf. So if a product gets the boot, in Clickbank it means it was really bad. Unfortunately Success With Anthony falls into this category and they have since had to move onto a different merchant account to handle the sale of their products.

What’s Included in SWA Package?

Success with Anthony is a program consisting of training videos and PDF books that are suppose to teach you how to make money online.

What it really does, is briefly introduce you to some shady SEO tactics, that only leaves you more confused than when you started. Also he teaches some E-mail marketing and social media marketing in the same vague manner.

Much of the training is said to be free (in the sales video) like the 5 free websites that Mr. Morrison has supposedly set up for you and it is set up with his own affiliate links.

However, this offer like the rest is just a scheme to get you to buy your way into the party and will never actually deliver on any of it’s promises unless you are already an expert marketer.

These training is not meant for a beginner, even as an experienced internet market guru you need to be a real “guru” to grasp anything fro his package.

For instance, module 3 focuses on making profits with SEO marketing in some very obscure ways, not an easy concept for anyone to understand, let alone a beginner.

In truth, Success with Anthony is a false hope. Success with Anthony has three modules

  • Module 1: Email marketing profits.  Features an over 200 page eBook plus 14 videos.
  • Module 2: Social Media Marketing Profits:  Comes broken down into four parts for each of the major social media types, (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube) Again, this module comes in four eBooks and videos.
  • Module 3: SEO profits.

Additional training and programs are included within the modules. Some of these “additional” offers only be accessed through the various affiliates. I must say that there are some helpful tips one can graps and add to existing knowledge. But the cannot make you money online by itself. Period

Will you Need Help From the Anthony Morrison Team?

98% of the people who bought Success With Anthony has lamented about the lack of support. There is no peer to peer community. Try no provision to connect to Anthony Directly, You have to drop you ticket through a one support desk within the package. I am the always wanting clarity Queen, I don’t who is with me that wants all the attention and support needed. If you are such keep your money in your pocket don’t give it to Morrison and his success team. Rather take it this way if you want a program that pampers you until you succeed.

What is the Actually Cost?

If the price is not clear, you are not sure of what you are going into. A typical example of such product is Success with Anthony when it comes with pricing. The first price that you see will probably not be the price that you are going to eventually pay. In fact, the more that you try to click away, the more they will lower the price to make you stay. In one instance, the price went from $19 to $7 but “only for me” and “only for a limited time”. While trying to click away, you will also be told about an offer to give you $250 right out of Anthony’s pocket. You will later learn about the guarantee which will give you your money back at the end of a full year plus $100 if you are not satisfied.

If this seems dodgy, because it is and the “buying” is just starting there.  If you invest in the initial product, you can expect an instant OTO (One Time Offer) of $147…and then you will be a form appearing requiring your address, phone number and email and it asks you why you want to be on Anthony’s team.  If you don’t know what this means, let me quickly explain for you.

When a company within the “make money” world asks for your phone number, it means one thing.  They are going to solicit more offers to you and try to get more money from you.   Then you will get hit up by “mentoring” companies who then phone you and try to offer you expensive $1,000 – $5,000 coaching.  Talk about Expensive.

So this product starts with a low ticket offer…and ends up with you giving up your personal details in efforts to get you to spend $1,000’s.  Typical stuff that gurus are doing in an industry.

My Final Take on Success With Anthony

My first drawback on this program is the pricing, I don’t like a fruit being dangled in my face just to suck me in to do more and go deeper blindly. In my understanding that spells Scam. For it’s few good points, (a decent amount of training and information) this program has quite a few really problematic trouble spots.

In addition, it is not made clear up front that you have to pay for some of the traffic methods well.   Dishonesty is something that I don’t take lightly and I am not all that sure you can put much trust in the Success With Anthony program or the product owner himself.  When you are booted off affiliate networks because content is of such low grade….and you are knowingly selling people’s information for money, I would say you are running a commonplace scam or at the very least, doing something that has in some way created issues within that network.

Avoid this product at all measures and if you do invest, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Success With Anthony at a Glance…

Name:  Success With Anthony
$7, $147, then possibly $1,000’s
Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 
36 out of 100 points.

VERDICT: Lower grade product, poor support complaints, hidden pricing practices

Do you have a personal experience that you would like to add about Anthony Morrison or this product, Success With Anthony ?  If so, I would love to hear your personal experience of the education/support you received.  Thanks as always for your feedback, it greatly helps others out!

Below is comments from real people who has dealt with Anthony Morrison and what they say about him.