Alwayspays Scam or Legit?

Before you invest your money on, you have to see this. To avoid lose of money. If someone has just told you about Always Pays or with the high rate information on ponzi scheme flys nowadays you have probably heard of Alwayspays, then is a good decision you are checking it out. [sociallocker id=”729″]always-pays

Entering the Voyage blind is not the best, In this article I will try and break down the details and workings  of Alwayspay. Remember you can always leave a comment below if in doubt of anything or contact me for clarifications.



No need to go further they have scammed as I rightly predicted.



What is AlwaysPay?

It is a Ponzi Sceheme, that uses auto referral robot to pay its participant in the millions. It takes the form of MLM but in its case the referring is done automatically by bots 100%.

It only has 2 levels, before you are timed out.

How does it Work?

When you register for free, the system prompts you to upgrade with the the sum of N12,000 0r $25, If you agree to upgrade, you are matched to pay another participant the upgrade fee and the participants confirms our payment.

Once your payment is confirmed, you are automatically upgraded to level 1. Also the upgrade puts you in the line to receive same amount ($12 or N25,000.00) from 9 participants.

This can happen immediately if you introduce three people immediately or in 25 days time if you choose not to introduce anyone atall.

Let us do a little maths,

Level 1

You pay N12,000 only

You receive N12,000 x 9 = N108,000.00 (900% increment) this can happen within 72 hours if you introduce three people immediately or in 25 days if you don’t introduce anybody atall.

Ok taking this maths further,

If you want to quicken things, you register your self four times which is allowed, one of the account the mother account refering the other three, what are you going to get?

you are getting N108,000 x 4 = N432,000.00 in one month for an investment of N48,000.00

Remember you recover your capital from the mother account that is paired immediately to receive N12000.00 from 9.

How Do You register?

To register on Always pays it takes about a minute to complete.

  1. Visit the official Registration website
  2. Fill the account opening form correctly with a valid email and phone number for communication purposes. point to note choose a distinct username, so you don’t use your first name and someone else is using it causing you to fill the form more than once.
  3. Click on the register buttonalways-pay-fraud

Some more point to note is, if you visit always pays from my website my referral id will be auto populated. that is the area i indicated with the arrow in picture above. Also the website goes through a check first before letting you in to fill the form, this is an avenue the programmers use to fight DDos attack.

Once registered you can login with your chosen username and password. Click on the OK to gain access to your dashboard.




Once logged it click on the Green text, as indicated by the arrow above, it will bring out the details of the member you are to support with N12,000.00 only.


This is how the data will look like all you do is transfer the money to the receiver, call him to confirm your payment. and that’s all that qualifies you to recieve N108,000.00 within minutes. (the timing depends on if you introduce the three people or not)

Important fact

Will I Get My Money Back?

Sweet heart, In as much as I will love to say yes to that, I will say NO. My NO is conditional, as my custom my advice to you is if you start getting attracted to HYIPs, PONZIS, etc. When you throw out the money, bear in mind that is 75% chance it might never come back. is a Tum Bum Tum Bum game.

Don’t borrow money to participate, Don’t use your school fees to participate.

Sustainability and is it real?

Is real until the system collapse on itself, or the operators scam.


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Remember o leave your exeperience with and on in the comment box below. Let us learn from each others experience. [/sociallocker]