Dealing with the Google Slap

What is the Google Slap? A Google slap can mean either one of these two undesirable things:


Your ads and landing pages, as judged by Google is of poor quality. When this happens you need to pay higher rates since your ads are now placed at lower positions with Google’s landing pages.


Google has seen that the landing pages and ads are of poor quality that it has cancelled your account.


So how do you deal with Google Slap? Here are some ways to avoid this scenario:


1. Keywords are important. Make sure that these are placed on your ads, because if these are not there, then chances are your prospective buyers will not click on them at all. Relevance is very important in the world of Google Adwords. If you do not give your audience what they need, then you will be slapped and punished.


2. Optimize your landing pages; it is safe for users and make sure to improve its loading time. Your landing pages are very important when dealing with advertising and marketing strategies. This is the part where you convince your users and buyers that your site is worth their time.


When we say make your pages safe, make it secure for transactions and not open for virus attacks. This way the loading time for your landing pages will be faster.


3. Do not mislead your users with landing pages that are irrelevant. This is downright unprofessional and wrong since you are misleading your users. Even if you are after ranking well on Google, connecting to unrelated landing pages does not make sense at all. Do not make this kind of impression online if you do not want to lose the respect and trust of your projected market users.


4. Stop making unrealistic promises. Nothing irks a customer more than promises that are unsatisfied or unfulfilled. If you do this you will eventually gain a negative reputation, and this is the very same thing that can kill your ads on Google.


5. Reconsider your keywords

If you think that your keywords are not working for you at the moment, then stop and rethink a whole new strategy. Sit down and list down new keywords for your ads and then bid for them on Google Adwords. This is where you are continually tested for their viability and sales performance.


6. Avoid broken, and low-quality links.


This will get you at the bottom of the ranking race. Low quality links will get you poor traffic so avoid getting these and focus on high quality ones instead. It’s better to get quality instead of quantity so make sure your site is getting them for your ads to get the CTR or click-thru-rate that it deserves, avoiding the possibility of being slapped by Google.