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I am Queen Obioma, queen-obiomaI started out online in 2008, back then there was less help to get around the IT world.

I  started a trying and failing. I surprised my non-technical self when I discovered I enjoyed the technical aspects of the IT world.

I got my act all set, when I decided to take up formal training at my vision.

Greatful to God that today, I am a master at the field and also I have trained alot of people. After six years and many desperate questions from other non-technical types,  I began teaching others how to create a website. In plain English. Science says to survive in the world there should be duplication of knowledge. When the knowledge is duplicated then it can be enjoyed and improved.


Come along if you are a newbie, I will guide you as much as I can, If you are a professional we can exchange knowledge. one thing is certain my knowledge is my seed to grow and I am looking for areas to sow it into.

Again, I am Queen.  Wonderful to meet you and if you feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.  Drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via (here is a link to my profile).